How many calories does swimming consume

How many calories does swimming burn

How many calories does swimming burn

If you want to lose extra pounds, in addition to regulating your daily diet, it is very important to bring some physical activity into your life. One of the best and most effective exercises and sports you can do all year round is swimming. It is even known how many calories swimming burns so you will be able to organize your training very well and monitor the training results. Lately, physical activity has become very important because we are increasingly aware of how much it affects the health of every human being. On the other hand, with the appearance of social networks that are oriented towards physical appearance, there is a growing need for people to look their best.

Swimming is the perfect activity for losing weight, and the only small drawback is the fact that we are not all able to swim all year round. Those who have the opportunity to swim every day, whether at sea when the weather is nice or in the pools, should make the most of this benefit and experience first hand how many calories swimming swims. Namely, swimming, in addition to melting your extra pounds, does not create pressure on the joints, so it is suitable for people who have restrictions in the form of movement on hard surfaces.

How many calories does swimming burn and where to swim

How many calories does swimming burn it will depend on several factors among which are the physical predispositions of the swimmer as well as the style of swimming. Calories will not be equally burn by freestyle swimming or dolphin style for example. You will also not be able to swim in all styles from the very beginning because some styles of swimming are more demanding, both technically and physically.

How many calories does swimming burn
How many calories does swimming burn (source: Pinterest)

A more demanding style of swimming will burn more calories and strengthen your muscles more effectively. The next thing that depends on calorie consumption while swimming is the time you spend swimming as well as the conditions in which you swim. Logically, it doesn’t matter if you swim in a pool where the water is relatively calm or at sea where the waves make it difficult for you to swim. Swimming pools are a perfect place for beginners where they can burn calories and lose weight. The sea is recommended for more experienced swimmers, because it is harder to swim in the sea. Read how much calories you burn and how many calories you burn in the next section.

Which style of swimming burn the most calories

A universal answer to the question of how many calories a swim consumes would be that swimming burn a lot of calories, as rarely does any physical activity. There is not a single muscle group, not a single cell in the body that is not activated when we swim, because in order to stay afloat and swim, we have to use all our muscles. That is why it is clear that we burn a lot of calories by swimming. The number of calories burned in the same swimming period can be increased if or reduced by changing the swimming technique.

How many calories does swimming burn it will also depend on the weight of the swimmer, so a swimmer weighing about 60 pounds will burn up to 420 calories by swimming freestyle at a moderate intensity, 60 minutes. Equally as many calories will be consumed by swimming breaststroke, while the number of calories burned in the same time period will increase if you switch to dolphin swimming. Dolphin-style swimming will burn up to twice as many calories as freestyle or breaststroke. In any case, swimming is an activity that will certainly burn calories much more efficiently than many other physical activities.

source: myswimpro

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How Many Calories Do You Burn Swimming?