Playstation 5 game Returnal could soon get new content

The developers of the Returnale shared on Twitter an image tagged with a Returnal tag that contains nothing from the base game. #mysteriously

Playstation 5 game Returnal could soon get new content
Returnal Playstation 5 game (source: Housemarque

Since releasing Returnal earlier this year, Housemarque have been working on a number of free updates for the game, but have yet to release any additional content that should be topped up.

A picture posted by Housemarque on Twitter yesterday with the description “Atropos ..? #Returnal ”could change that because it alludes to the release of a new game DLC could be close (Atropos is the planet on which Returnal takes place).

Many think a trailer for this new content could be shown at The Game Awards on December 9th.

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Although the DLC has not yet been confirmed, the developers have already said they are working on new content, updates and updates. One of the people who worked on Returnal said shortly after this tweet was published that they had recorded something amazing and that she hoped to be able to share more soon.

And what do you say – are you looking forward to returning to Returnal with new content?

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