Gran Turismo 7 now deserves a lower rating (but here’s why we won’t change its rating)

Gran Turismo 7 after the launch received several changes that did not meet with positive reactions from players. We wondered, therefore, whether his original grade should be corrected.

On March 17, two weeks after its official launch, Gran Turismo 7 received an update to version 1.08 that introduced changes in the values ​​of prizes for individual races and cups. The amounts of prizes for a total of 18 competitions have changed. Two races significantly increased the prize amount, while for 16 races the prize amount was reduced, in some cases by 45% of the previous amount.

As Gran Turismo 7 is a game that requires a constant connection to the server, these changes cannot be avoided. And as microtransactions are also present in the game, which costs 70-80 euros, the reaction of the players to this was extremely stormy. It is thought that the developers are deliberately slowing down the progress of the game with these changes in order to subtly persuade players to spend extra money.

Polyphony Digital tried to explain the situation, but in the end they did not explain anything concrete, but only complicated the situation with the message that the further development of Gran Turismo 7 “should be viewed from a long-term perspective”.

Players have expressed their dissatisfaction with these changes at Metacritica, where Gran Turismo 7 currently has the lowest user rating of any game produced by Sony. The user rating is now in direct contrast to the mostly positive reviews of the reviewers. Our rating for Gran Turismo 7 is not part of the Metacritic average, but it is quite high (93), so as the author of the review I need to comment on this whole situation.

To begin with a note: early reviews of Gran Turisma 7 were published before the launch of the game itself, while microtransactions in the game have not yet been included. It could be seen that microtransactions would exist, but the prices of the microtransactions themselves were not known. Now these prices are known and look like this:

  • 100 thousand Credits – $2.5 (equivalent to approx. 30-max 60 minutes of play)
  • 250 thousand Credits – $5
  • 750 thousand Credits – $10
  • 2 million Credits – $149.99

source: hcl