The best games of spring atmosphere and themes

The spring season is officially open. Are you allergic to the flowering of various plants, but still want to enjoy the spring atmosphere? We have a few suggestions that video games should play.

It’s a nice thing when the mood of a game matches the weather conditions you’re playing it in. It is an unwritten rule that winter-themed games are best experienced in winter, and summer games in summer. That’s how it just works! However, we also have “transitional” seasons, and spring is just like that, so we in the editorial office wondered what the best games of spring atmosphere and theme are.

So far, we have selected ten of our candidates, and we will update the article over time with new entries each coming spring. Here are the games we recommend if you want to experience a virtual bloom, clear weather and pleasant greenery:

Life is Strange: True Colors

The fictional city of Haven Springs in the US state of Colorado suggests the spring atmosphere by its very name. Already at the very beginning of Life is Strange: True Colors, you will be welcomed with the relaxing idyll of a stream next to a small town that is so peaceful that deer can refresh themselves on it.

Haven Springs is definitely the “springiest” location in games in the last few years, and although the story of the game is darker than the plot itself seems, it won’t stop you from enjoying some very enjoyable rapprochement with the nature of this game.

Welcome to Haven Springs! - Life is Strange: True Colors [ESRB]


Grounded is a survival game that is still in development, but has already shown its first buds. Here you can experience spring at the closest level – you are reduced to the size of an insect and forced to survive in your own garden. The blades of grass have never been higher, nor have the dangers of insects.

But you can use spring motifs as your advantage, so dandelion serves as a parachute, and spider web as a trampoline. Grounded has both summer and autumn biomes, but the introductory one with its greenery will primarily remind you of spring.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Is there a better candidate than a game that came out literally on the first day of spring? The fourth part of the Elder Scrolls series is full of lush vegetation swaying in the breeze, with thick morning fog and dew-covered meadows. Well, the latter is a more romantic part that you can achieve with various modifications, but neither vanilla the Oblivion version is not far off.

The province of Cyrodilla is an ideal place for picking colorful flowers and taming goblins, you just need to survive the introductory 20 minutes and get out of the sewers into daylight.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Zelda: Breath of the Wild has various wilderness releases with opposite temperature extremes. But most of the game is permeated by an almost serene atmosphere of wide expanses. Pay special attention to the sounds of the environment and you will hear the chirping of birds and crickets, and be sure to look for herds of wild horses in the pastures.

Just watch out for spring rains and storms – it’s not very smart to have metal gear when there’s thunder in this game.


Unlike the wilderness of Hyrule, on an island called Eastshade you can enjoy the landscape without fear of any temptations and threats. In a game called Eastshade, you are a traveling painter who paints beautiful scenes to order and gets closer to the local population, which consists of anthropomorphic characters, ie animals with human personalities.

The game is from 2019 and the graphics are very attractive, and you can enjoy the virtual beauties at your own pace. Eastshade is truly a unique game for anyone who is not afraid to get lost in nature.

Far Cry 5 + New Dawn

It could be debated whether the atmosphere of Hope County in Far Cry 5 is closer to summer than spring, but our verdict is that the game came out in the spring – so (probably) it takes place in the spring.

American Zabit may not be as exotic as some other parts of the Far Cry series, but it has its charms, not to mention almost hallucinogenic properties. Moreover, New Dawn brings a post-apocalyptic plot to the atmosphere of spring, and as strange as it may sound – it also has its own idyll.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This game was so easy for us to put on the list that listing it is almost like cheating. Animal Crossing with its real calendar is practically based on different seasons and here you will definitely be greeted by the specifics of spring – provided you play the game in the spring.

You can go butterfly and other insect hunting, or cast your hook and catch some fish for the local museum. It’s the right time to redecorate the garden, and if you’re adventurous, you can go looking for hidden Easter eggs at the Bunny Day event.

Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Much like Animal Crossing, the last game in the Plants Vs. Zombies has events for almost every season. For spring it is Springening, but even without it the game itself has the obligatory motifs of spring – sunny weather, green lawns and above all – plants.

You won’t miss much with other games either, but Battle for Neighborville requires a little more activity than mobile plants and zombies, and it’s good to be as active as possible in the spring.


Before the acclaimed Journey, the thatgamecompany team created a game in which we manage flower petals in flight. It sounds strange because it is – but it is a meditative experience that we would recommend you to play on as big a screen as possible, using headphones.

The theme of Flower himself is the revival of the world, which goes perfectly with the motif of spring. Since this is a game that dates back to the PlayStation 3 era, you can find it quite cheap – for 40-60 kuna, depending on the version for PC or PS4.

Spring Falls

Of course, this list had to include a game that has spring in its name. Spring Falls is a puzzle adventure in which you manipulate the environment to irrigate the appropriate parts of the map and thus come to a plant that blooms in full glory with a little water.

The game has about 60 levels, you can play it on PC and iOS platform. Its price is just over 40 kuna.

Now that you have seen our candidates, feel free to write us in your comments which are your favorite games in which you have felt the spring atmosphere.

source: hcl