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New Clash Royale: The Champions Have Arrived Trailer

Here is an official trailer for the popular game Clash Royale, The youtube video has over 2.5 million views in less than 15 hours and counting.

More to come…

Clash Royale How to play

Clash Royale is a new game from the company Supercell, which has created such a masterpiece as Boom Beach and the clan conflict. The last of them is the basis for the characters and heroes’ in this game.

The genre of this game is very similar to the other. To lead a successful fight, the user needs to collect and improve the map of combat units, potions, and defense structures. As mentioned earlier, the troops in the game are based on the game Clash of Clans.

The key goal of this game is to destroy another player’s entire base. Then you get a certain amount of trophies and crowns, bringing you to a higher position in the rankings and increasing the level of your arena.

The game also supports the clan system by going to it, you will be able to share your card or them with other players.

Clash Royale (source: Reddit)

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Am I the only one who thinks Skeleton King looks like the Mega Knight but in his skeleton, with a giant Dark Prince weapon?

Clash Royale: The Champions Have Arrived! (Official Launch Trailer!)

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