Far Cry 6 game by Ubisoft

Far Cry 6 Price, Release Date, Multiplayer Game option?

Is Ubisoft preparing to announce the “Far Cry 6” multiplayer game?

Far Cry 6 also officially came out in front of the audience and brought with it a new kind of entertainment in terms of raising a revolution and overthrowing the dictatorship in the fictional South American state of Yara. However, the company seems to have much more to offer players than that.

QR codes were found in the game, one of which after scanning leads to a short teaser video. The code is located on the box that players can come across at the beginning of the game. When the code is scanned with a mobile phone, it leads to a short six-second video showing an animated revolver cylinder.

A map appears for a moment in the teaser showing a landscape similar to that of Far Cry 4, and it is possible to see tokens with animals living in the regions on the map.

Far Cry 6 poster

Given the nature of the show, the massive open world suggests that this is a potential Far Cry multiplayer game. Of course, it is possible that this is a plan for the next Far Cry 6 expansion, but it is more likely to be multiplayer, since Ubisoft announced at the beginning of the year that it will focus more on multiplayer titles, generally in free2play format.

Far Cry 6 Where to play

You can play Far Cry 6 game on cross-platform on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Luna, and PC

Far Cry 6 game

Where to Buy You Far Cry 6

You can pre-order/buy Far Cry 6 at the Ubisoft official site. Starting price for Far Cry 6 is $59.99 and goes up to $199.99. It depends on the platform you are going to play and the edition you want to purchase. See the pricing below:

Price For PC Platform

  • Standard Edition (PC Download): $59.99
  • Gold Edition (PC Download): $99.99
  • Unlimited Rdition (PC Download): $119.99
  • Collector’s Edition (PC Download): $199.99

Price For PS4/PS5 Platform

  • Standard Edition (PS4/PS5): $59.99
  • Gold Edition Steelbook (PS4/PS5): $109.99
  • Collector’s Edition (PS4/PS5): $199.99

Price For XBOX ONE/SERIES X Platform

  • Standard Edition (XBOX ONE/SERIES X): $59.99
  • Gold Edition Steelbook (XBOX ONE/SERIES X): $109.99
  • Collector’s Edition (XBOX ONE/SERIES X): $199.99

Purchase Far Cry 6 on Xbox One or PlayStation®4 and upgrade your game to the next-gen version (PlayStation®5 or Xbox Series X) at no additional cost. Ubisoft’s PC Monthly Subscription Service is $19.99/month

Is Far Cry 6 Free to play

No is not but Far Cry 3 is free, you need to set up a Ubisoft Connect account (register) to gain access to the game and you can play Far Cry 3 for free on PC.

Release Date

The Far Cry 6 release date is October 7, 2021.

Watch the teaser video below.

Is Ubisoft Teasing A New Free To Play Far Cry inside Far Cry 6? (Far Cry 6 Gameplay)

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