New Horizon Forbidden West tribes game (video)

The new Horizon Forbidden West game gives us an insight into four different tribes we will encounter in the west.

New Horizon Forbidden West Tribes game
New Horizon Forbidden West Tribes game (source: playstation)

Tribalism was one of the main themes of Horizon Zero Dawn, and we can expect something similar in Horizon Forbidden West. We will also meet two tribes from the first game in the West: the architectural tribe of Oseram and the tribe of border guards of the Emperor. Among the new tribes will be the Utara, a people who sing to heal the country, and the Tenakht fighting tribe, made up of three clans that are in a loose truce.

The Regalla mercenary tribe has learned to hack mechanical creatures and will pose a major threat in Forbidden West. However, as Aloy reveals in the latest trailer, there are hints of another mysterious tribe that may have something to do with storms and corruption spreading in the West.

Horizon Forbidden West price

You can pre-order Horizon Forbidden West game at the playstation website, the price is set at $69.99 for PS5 and PS4 consoles.

Horizon Forbidden West game release date

The next chapter of Aloy’s story begins on February 18, 2022 and as she crosses into the frontier of the Forbidden West, she will encounter tribes both strange and familiar. From the border settlements of the Carja and Oseram, to the blighted fields of the Utaru in Plainsong, to the battle-worn Clan Lands of the Tenakth, new alliances and deadly enemies await.

source: playstation

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Horizon Forbidden West – Tribes of the Forbidden West | PS5, PS4