Instagram announces three new feed options (including chronological feed)

Instagram announces three new feed options

Last month, Instagram announced that it would return a version of its chronological feed, but did not give any details about it. Now, XDA-Developers reports that the social media platform is finally starting to test the new implementation and that it has already reached some users.

Instagram boss Adam Moseri has announced three new feed changes coming to Instagram

These three new Instagram feed options are now being partially introduced to some users and will allow you to further customize the way your Instagram feed is displayed and organized. The new change will allow you to choose between three options for sorting posts, with two arranged chronologically. One option even allows you to hide posts from accounts that are not part of your favorite selection.

Instagram announces three new feed options
Instagram announces three new feed options (source: Instagram)

The three sorting options are as follows: Home, Favorites, and Tracking. The homepage is the current way your feed is organized, using an algorithm based on artificial intelligence that determines which post you are likely to interact with and enjoy more. The initial version of the feed will also show you more posts than people you don’t follow, making it a more useful feature for discovering new content.

Secondly, there is the Favorites setting and it will, understandably, show you posts from the account on which you have placed an asterisk. This way, you’ll be able to limit the posts you see in your feed to the people you like best, filtering out things you don’t care too much about.

And last but not least, there is the Following option. This third option will display the posts of the people you follow in chronological order. Unlike Home, it will not include posts from accounts you have not tracked.

Moseri also states that the new feed is in the testing phase and that it is currently being presented to some users, and the gradual introduction is coming soon. He also says that the global introduction of the new Feed is expected in the first half of this year.


When available, you can tap the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the main screen to select the feed option you want to explore.

The current feed, as we already know, uses artificial intelligence predictions about your previous interactions with the app and its content to try to determine which posts you are most likely to enjoy or like and possibly comment on.

However, Moseri said that so few people go through their feed and that is why the company is now working to improve the experience for its users. These three new feed options allow for better customization of the app which could make it more suitable for your specific needs. He also added that you will start getting more recommendations for new content in the Home app, as you will have two other options to exclude new accounts from your feed.

article source: phonearena

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