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You may not be aware of these useful options in Windows 11

Although Microsoft Windows 11 is slowly approaching its first major update, “Sun Valley 2”, it still offers some features you may not have known at all that can help you with your daily operating system.

Some of the essentials and features on Windows 11 are in a simple place, but some are really hard to find.

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Here are seven options you may not even have known they existed on Microsoft Windows 11.

Voice Typing

Dictation on Microsoft Windows has improved significantly in previous years, and Windows 11 makes it even easier and more accessible. No matter where you are, by simultaneously pressing the WIN + H key you will be able to say a message, such as e.g. command to open a specific application.

Emoji and GIF selector

If you want to quickly add an emoji or GIF to a document or message, press Win + . at the same time. (dot), after that a window will pop up that allows you to search and select emojis or GIFs.

Hidden Start menu

Right-clicking on the Start menu icon will open a window with a selection of useful applications that you may need.

Hidden Context menu

Microsoft Windows 11 brought a change to the Context menu, when you right-click on a specific application or folder. However, this can also be changed, because only in that case you go to the last option “Show more options” and press Shift + F10, after which the original Context Menu will appear.

Snap Layouts

Go to Start Menu> Settings> System> Multitasking and be sure to turn on all layouts, to have more functions during application deployment, etc.

Adjust the volume for applications only

This is a useful but hard-to-reach feature in Windows 11. It allows you to adjust the volume in only one application, while remaining unchanged in others. Go to Settings> System> Sound> Volume Mixer and you will be able to adjust the volume for each application that is active.

Hidden Clipboard

Microsoft Windows 11 has improved the way you can copy and paste text at the same time as pressing CTRL + C and CTRL + V. Press WIN + V and a window will appear with previously copied text that you can paste.

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source: Microsoft

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