Top ten most watched Netflix movies of all time VIDEO

The films starring Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock and Leonardo DiCaprio had the most success on Netflix, with millions of users worldwide.

After the recent praise that the streaming service received for newer releases, such as “Hustle” led by Adam Sandler and the award-winning film “The Power of the Dog”, the list of the ten most watched original Netflix films follows.

From Sandra Bullock’s “Bird Box” to Joey King’s “The Kissing Booth 2,” these films were watched by audiences for the most hours based on the first 28 days of release.

Here is the top 10 most watched Netflix movies list:

10. “Spenser Confidential” – 197.320.000 hours

9. “6 Underground” – 205.470.000 hours

8. “The Kissing Booth 2” – 209.250.000 hours

7. “The Irishman” – 214.570.000 hours

6. “The Unforgivable” – 214.700.000 hours

5. “5. Extraction” – 231.340.000 hours

4. “The Adam Project” – 233.160.000 hours

3. “Bird Box” – 282.020.000 hours

“Don’t Look Up” – 359.790.000 hours

1. “Red Notice” – 364.020.000 hours

source: Netflix

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