Edge vs Chrome: 5 reasons why Microsoft Edge is better

Microsoft Edge is getting better and better.

Internet Explorer has gone down in history and Microsoft Edge is now the default web browser in Windows.

It is there to correct the old mistakes of Internet Explorer and for now, they have done a good job from Microsoft, as the users are satisfied.

Edge web browser is still no better than Google Chrome, but it is a serious competition.

“PC World” brings us five reasons why the Edge is better than Chrome.

Microsoft Edge web browser

1. Edge has Vertical tabs

When you open a large number of tabs on Edge, you will find it easier than on Chrome.

On the left, you will get a list of tabs, instead of at the top of the browser and the review is easier.

You can see exactly what you have opened and it will be easier for you to orient yourself and find your way.

Microsoft Edge vertical tabs

2. Sites as applications

You can install all sites in Edge as applications.

It will be installed as a desktop application and you can add that site to the Start menu and taskbar.

So you can immediately enter the site you want with one click.

3. Easier to read in Edge

Press F9 in Edge and it will remove all ads and anything that bothers you to read the text in peace on any site.

There is also a “read aloud” option, which you activate when you press CRTL + Shift + U.

Each text will then be read to you and you can choose which voice the text will be read and at what speed.

Microsoft Edge Collection

4. Microsoft Edge Collection

It’s like a bookmark folder, only with many more options.

When you click +, it will appear on the right side of the Collection and you can put literally everything you can think of on the Internet.

You can also create folders in the collection and move them as you see fit.

5. Microsoft Edge Tracking Prevention

Microsoft allows you to block cookies from any site.

This will protect you from all websites that take information from you.

This is implied in incognito mode, which is not the case on Chrome.

Microsoft Edge Tracking Prevention

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