What could the Apple Watch Series 8 bring?

What could the Apple Watch Series 8 bring?

The new Apple Watch Series 8, should be released in the second half of 2022. It is expected to be launched alongside the iPhone 14 series of mobile phones, which would roughly mean that we expect it in the fall. However, some interesting information is already known at this moment about what this new Apple smartwatch could bring to users.

For starters, there are no changes to the name of this device and it is assumed that Apple will adhere to established practices. So, Apple Watch Series 8 is waiting for us. In addition, it could happen that the middle category of Apple smartwatches, SE series, will appear during the year, but there is no official or unofficial information about that now. So, it is assumed that the Apple Watch SE will appear at some point after the new iPhone SE mobile phone.

The Apple Watch Series 8 will have a faster chip and improved activity tracking
Apple Watch Series 8

As for the operating system that this smartwatch will use, it will most likely be a completely new operating system called watchOS 9. At the moment, there is no important information related to this OS, but more is likely to appear during the company’s developer conference. Apple, which is traditionally held during the month of June.

As for the exact launch date of this device, taking into account standard practices and the launch history of the Apple Watch device, it should most likely be during the month of September.

The design of this smartwatch could bring some interesting changes. The rumor is that this watch could have straight edges, which were said to have appeared on the Watch Series 7, but they didn’t. So now might be the time. In addition, there is talk of adding a new display size in addition to the existing two to give users even more choice, reports Pocket-Lint.

Other information includes a sensor that would warn users about fever, as well as a new chipset designed to work with the new smartwatch. Finally, improvements within the Health application are expected, as well as a number of new software capabilities. Well, let’s wait for that fall.

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