Vivo stores a 200 W charger

VIVO is reportedly working on a 200W charger

According to Digital Chat Station, the insider from whom they have been arriving lately a wide variety of information the new standard arrives on the iQ00 10 Pro by the end of this year.

The V2001L0B0-CN charger provides 20 V at 10 A with 65 W wireless charging (20 V at 3.25 A). The previous model, the iQOO 9 Pro, supports 120W and 50W wireless charging, so this is a serious step forward.

The 200 W charger is not new in this industry. Realme has developed its charging architecture with chargers between 100 and 200 W, and Xiaomi has been working on its 200 W charger. Realme has limited its charger to 150 W for safety reasons, which is the strongest charger for smartphones to date. At least until the 200-watt chargers appear.


The chasing company for “First in the World” in this or that category is always popular, so we expect that phones that support 200 W chargers will arrive soon. It is just a question of how long the batteries that you constantly charge at 20 V voltage at 10 A current will last.

source: gsmarena

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