How to recover deleted calls

How to recover deleted calls

Do you know how to recover deleted calls using a special program?

If you’re a mobile device user, as you probably are because a large number of people are, you’ve probably happened to delete your phone call list for some reason you know. This may be because you are running out of memory or you do not want someone else to see which calls you have made. At that point, it can often happen that you have deleted some calls that you did not want to delete, so you are wondering how to recover deleted calls. We will not go into the motives behind your desire to delete or restore deleted calls, but we will explain in the simplest way how to recover deleted calls.

If this happens to you often, the best way is to install a program that will serve as a backup and make copies of your data and allow you to recover, ie recover deleted data whenever you want. It’s also the easiest way to recover all the data you’re missing, whether it’s deleted calls, pictures, messages or something else.

How do I recover deleted calls if I don’t have the app installed?

We explained to you in the previous chapter how to recover deleted calls using a special program designed for it. You are probably wondering which program it is and how to get it? Don’t worry, there are several programs available to you that deal with just that. All you have to do is type in a search engine terms like “data recovery app” and choose the app that has the best reviews.

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However, there is a good chance that a problem with deleted calls happened to you before you installed the said application. Although you promised yourself that you would download the application so that the same mistake would not happen to you in the future, at the moment the only thing you care about is to return those deleted calls. Is it possible and how to recover deleted calls if you do not have the mentioned application? The good news is that this procedure is possible without the application. Since this is a more complex procedure, in the next chapter we will explain how it is done

Here’s how to recover deleted calls quickly and easily

If you are wondering how to recover deleted calls because you have not installed an application that allows you to easily recover deleted data, below we will describe how you can still save your data. First you need to download an app called Android Data Recovery, assuming you are using Android system. You need to install this program on your computer. What you need to do next is connect your mobile device to your computer via a USB cable.

Once your computer recognizes that the phone is connected, it’s up to you to take the following steps: For Android 2.3 or earlier, go to device settings, then apps, then development, then an option called: USB debugging. The same procedure is for Android versions 3.0 to 4.2. If you have Android 4.2 or newer versions, click on settings, then the About phone option and tap the creation number many times until the message “You are the default developer” appears. Then go under the call log option and click “Restore”. That’s the way how to recover deleted calls.

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