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Delete these apps from your Android devices now!

A large number of applications that were used in the campaign to cheat users via SMS were discovered.

Google has already banned each of these tagged apps in its Play Store. Of course, the company does not have the ability to delete them from users’ devices, so it is recommended that users remove them immediately.

Applications were disguised as custom keyboards, QR code scanners, photo, and video editing programs, camera filters, games. Applications were able to check the location of the device, IMEI, and phone number, to determine which code and language to use to send cheating messages.

Target users would be tricked into private details, and then they would receive offers to subscribe to premium SMS services that cost up to $40 a month.

Google has done major clean-ups of its Play Store app store in the past, removing programs that were infected with Windows malware, adware, and user-friendly apps.

Android users have downloaded these malicious applications more than 10.5 million times in over 80 countries. A complete list of removed applications can be found below. There are over 150 Apps you need to remove/delete immediately!

Android phone with apps (source: unsplash)

List of malicious Apps for Android to remove

Full list of dangerous Android apps you need to delete

  1. AIM PRO Helper and Custom Crosshair
  2. All HD Video SX – Smart Player
  3. All Language Photo and Voice Translator AI
  4. All Translator: Photo, Voice & Text
  5. AmazeTranslate
  6. Amazing Arab Videos
  7. Amore Live Random Chat
  8. Ano caller: Spam List & Caller ID
  9. AppLock X FREE
  10. AppLocker X Pro 2021
  11. AR Qibla Easy Finder Pro
  12. AR Video PRO Downloader
  13. Arabic Keyboard
  14. Battery Animation Charge 2021
  15. Battery Charging Effects: From 0 to 100%
  16. Call Voice Recording 2.0
  17. Calls ID Unlocker
  18. Camera Translator
  19. Cartoon Photo Editor Pro
  20. Chat Keyboard Translator PRO
  21. Chat Translator for WhatsApp
  22. Chat Translator Pro for WhatsApp
  23. Clap and Find
  24. Cold Fan Free 2021
  25. Colorful Call Screen & Phone Flash
  26. CosmosVPN
  27. Couch Watcher – Guide of Streaming
  28. Crime City: Revenge
  29. DiskRecover: Photo & Files Recovery
  30. Downloader ALL Social file
  31. Dynamic HD & 4K Wallpapers
  32. Earth Scanner
  33. Easy Chat Translator for WhatsApp
  34. Easy Chat Translator: All Language
  35. Easy Hidden Apps Detector
  36. Easy iOS Launcher 2021
  37. Easy Photo Recovery 2021
  38. Easy Smart Translator Pro
  39. Easy Wifi Access & Fast Vpn
  40. EasyCode: QR and Barcode Scanner
  41. Egyptian Gods
  42. Fast Dates Chat
  43. Fingerprint Hider 2021
  44. Fitness Ultimate 2021
  45. Football Masters 2021
  46. ForMuslims
  47. Free Launcher X Pro
  48. Free Secret Downloader
  49. Future AI Scan Free 2021
  50. Future Scanner FREE 2021
  51. FX Animate Editor Pro
  52. Game Center: Complete Edition
  53. GT Sports Racing Online
  54. Hacker Simulator App
  55. HDlife Camera and Video
  56. Hidden Section: Secret Lock
  57. ICall U – Online Video Hotchat
  58. iDownloader: Social Network Media
  59. inpulse – DJ Mix App
  60. iOS Launcher X 2021
  61. LED Border
  62. Likes & Followers for Tik-Tok
  63. Live Cam Pro 2021: Earth cam & Live Street View
  64. LivePhoto Animator
  65. Loopy Live: Global Streaming Video Chat
  66. Luck Casino
  67. Ludo Masterpiece Online
  68. Ludo Masters 2021
  69. Magic Fonts and Keyboard 2021
  70. Magic Keyboards and Fonts
  71. Magic Mix Cut – Super Video Editor
  72. Magic Pop It: AR & 3D Relax
  73. Make Wallpaper and Widget
  74. Mawlid An-Nabi
  75. Mawlid An-Nabi
  76. Meme Voice Changer PRO
  77. MiaWall4K
  78. Mobile Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App, Scan to PDF
  79. Muslim Memoji & Stickers for Whatsapp
  80. Muslim Stickers and Memoji for WhatsApp
  81. My Mia 4K Wallpapers
  82. My Photo Battery Charging 2021
  83. My Rolling Icons
  84. New Body Shape Editor
  85. NewVision Camera
  86. NOWDownloader and Private Apps
  87. Parallels – Multi Accounts
  88. Phone Finder
  89. Photellon
  90. Photo & Voice Translator
  91. Photo Animation PRO
  92. PhotoLab Pro +
  93. Photoshop Detector
  94. Pixelize Art
  95. Pixler: Face Retouch & Effects
  96. Pro Calls Recorder
  97. Pro Tuber Ad Blocker for Video
  98. Pro Video Downloader 2021
  99. Professional Hidden Device Detector
  100. Projector HD/AR Video Editor
  101. Projector video HD Editor
  102. Pulse Rate Checker
  103. Pure Tube PRO: Block Video Ads
  104. Qibla Finder: Qibla Compass & Prayer Times 2021
  105. Rainbowed: Gay Random chat & Live stream
  106. Rec Old File
  107. Recovery Old Photo
  108. Reface Ultra
  109. RGB Neon HD Keyboard Background
  110. Roll Your Icons
  111. Rubic’s Cube: Real Time Solver
  112. SecVPN: Fast and Secure VPN
  113. Smart City Taxi
  114. Smart Global Translator
  115. Soltpapers: 4K Custom Wallpapers
  116. Spam Calls Buster
  117. StarMaker PRO
  118. Stay Fit: Home Fitness Plan
  119. Stickers Maker ART
  120. Stickers Up!
  121. Teammate Finder
  122. ToEdit: Body and Face Retouch
  123. Truck Driver Simulation
  124. TrueCaller ID: Caller ID, Spam Block and Chat
  125. Ultima Keyboard 3D Pro
  126. Ultra Camera HD
  127. Ultra Live Wallpapers 4Κ and Ringtones
  128. Video Downloader Master
  129. Video Saver & Private Browser
  130. VideoMixer Editor Pro
  131. VidMixer Pro
  132. VPN Fastest Edition
  133. VPN Toaster: Easy Network Access
  134. Wallpaper Anime for Android
  135. Wallpaper XYZ Pro
  136. Wally4K
  137. Waterdrinker Reminder
  138. Whistle Phone Finder
  139. WhoCall Caller ID and Spam Blocker
  140. Whos Called: Multi-SIM Caller ID and SpamBlock
  141. Wi – Fi Holder
  142. Wi-Fi Around: All Wi-Fi and Hotspots Unlock
  143. Wi-Fi Opensignal
  144. Wi-Fi Password Unlock
  145. Wi-Fi Secret Master
  146. Wi-Fi Security and VPN
  147. WI-FI Unlock Password
  148. WI-FI UnlockerPRO
  149. WOX – Antivirus & Cleaner, Applock, Booster
  150. XCall
  151. XN Wallpapers: 4K/3D/Parallax, Auto Changer (source: GitHub)

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Delete These Apps From Your Android Device Now! Google Bans Over 150 Apps From the Google Playstore

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