Google has released Android 12 for Pixel 3 and newer devices

Google released Android 12 for Pixel 3 and newer devices

Google has released Android 12 for Pixel 3 and newer devices
Google released Android 12 update

Google announced during the event, which took place last night Android 12, which is the largest upgrade of the mobile operating system in recent years. Traditionally, when it comes to new Android releases, Pixel phones get them first. So the Pixel 3 and newer models have priority and are already getting an upgrade.

The Android 12 update focuses on three main areas: personalization, privacy, and ease of use.

When it comes to a more personalized user experience, Android 12 adapts to the background that the user chooses. The new design language is called Material You, and updates all aspects of the phone that adapt to the background you choose. There will be noticeable changes to the lock screen, notifications, widget settings and some applications. Google has also added some elements that will make it easier for users with disabilities, including a window magnifier that zooms in on part of the screen while maintaining the integrity of the rest of the content. If the minimum lighting is still too bright, it is possible to turn on the “extra dim screen”. If you have trouble reading text, it is possible to include bold text and more.

Android 12 implements security enhancements. So it is now possible to see when the application is using a microphone or a camera, and a new indicator in the status bar is used for this. These sensors can be turned off in Quick Settings. Other options allow you to check approvals via the security control panel, display an unclear location, and the like.

Finally, Android 12 allows you to create scrolling screenshots, which allows the entire application to be photographed at once. There is the possibility of playing games while they are being downloaded / downloaded, Wi-Fi credentials can be shared with Nearby Share.

More about Android 12 is available on the official website. Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, Vivo and Xiaomi devices will get Android 12 later in the year.

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Download Android 12 Update

Google released Android 12 during its October Pixel event on October 19 ,2021. Android users can download update for free, as long as you’re using a Pixel phone, Pixel 3 and newer smartphones.

Android 12 compatible phones

How can I download Android 12?

If you have these smartphone devices: Google, Samsung, OnePlus or Xiaomi. Select System > Advanced > System update > Check for update

Hands-on with EVERY new Android 12 function and feature!

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