FIFA 23 game is supposed to have cross-play

According to unofficial information, this year EA Sports will do what has never been done in FIFA games so far – it will enable online multiplayer between different platforms.

FIFA 23 is supposed to have cross-play
FIFA 23 is supposed to have cross-play (source: EA)

We got some promising information about the new game from the FIFA series. The information is unofficial and until EA confirms it falls into the category of rumors. But they come from the mouth leakers Tom Henderson who has repeatedly provided true information, so this is very likely accurate.

Henderson says EA Sports’ next football game will be called FIFA 23, but that EA is still considering a name change. One of the reasons why they stick to the FIFA name is that this year is the biggest football competition directed by the umbrella football organization FIFA. This is closely linked to the rumor that the World Cup in Qatar will be part of Fife 23, as well as the Women’s Football Championship in Australia and New Zealand.

This is to be expected, to be honest, and the surprising part of the rumor is that FIFA 23 will, for the first time in the history of the series enable cross-platform multiplayer, that is, the ability to play between different platforms. Henderson states that all multiplayer modes in the game will support cross-play between the PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms.


Now, that will probably mean that the PC version this year will be the same as on the PS5 and XSX / S platforms (it wasn’t last year). But as FIFA is a different version of the game on current consoles than on older PS4 / XBO consoles, don’t expect cross-play to apply to older consoles – at least not in the context of intergenerational cross-play. There is, however, a small chance that PS4 and XBO players could play against each other, i.e. in the same party.

As for technical improvements, Henderson says FIFA 23 will once again get improvements in footballers ’animations. Apparently Xsens suits will no longer be used as for last year’s edition, but they are animations filmed by cameras in the stadium during this football season. Reportedly, EA has more animation material based on these recordings than they have ever had in almost 30 years since the FIFA games.

Of course, all this is still unconfirmed, so don’t take information for granted. However, it is clear that some of these things have been on the wish list for a long time. FIFA games are rare popular multiplayer games that do not support cross-play. Rocket League, Fortnite, Warzone – these are all games that do not divide the community of players according to platforms. After all, Electronic Arts has already taken a step towards cross-play – in the tragic Battlefield 2042, as well as the recently launched GRID Legends.

source: eurogamer

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