How a computer works

How does a computer work, basic introduction

How does a computer work

There is no person in the world who has not or will use it in the future, however few people know how does a computer work. How to write about the computer and not declare it one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind. If the invention of electricity is the most important technological shift in humanity, then we can say that the computer is the basis for all the technological trends that are currently happening around us. Without electricity, there would be no computer, and without computers and the technology that is summarized in it, there would be no online world today. The computer allowed us to connect and communicate that was unthinkable until the advent of the computer.

What no device can escape from is the human nature that created it, so it is clear and how the computer works. A computer is a set of electronic components, each of which has a specific function in solving mathematical and logical functions, and which communicate with each other via signals, which is very reminiscent of the functioning of the human body. Information processing and manipulation are the main operations performed by a computer. The computer is able to process a large amount of data, and today’s generations can not imagine life without a computer as a device that opens the door to the online world and communication.

How does a computer work- software and hardware

As we have mentioned, the scheme of how does a computer work is complex, but it is very logical. So we have certain material components of computers that are mechanical support to programs and operating systems. Hardware components are those that we can see and feel, while applications, programs and operating systems are software part of the computer. Software would be a plan or action we want to do, for which we need a physical component through hardware parts. Hardware parts can be divided into those with which we provide information and those with which we as users receive information. Mouse and keyboard are hardware components that we use to communicate with programs and the operating system, while software sends us information through monitors and speakers.

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Scheme how the computer works it can be reduced to receiving information, processing and presenting feedback on the monitor screen. Software and hardware components are equally important and only when both work can we perform the desired action on the computer. The functioning of the computer can be written about for days, because in the background is solving complex mathematical operations and communication between hardware parts using 0 and 1.

How does a computer work and the importance of the operating system

About that how the computer works can be written for days, because behind everything is solving complex mathematical operations and communication between hardware parts using 0 and 1. However, the operating system has the role of translator of these complex operations in us acceptable forms such as image, letter, number, video format or sound. The operating system is the basis for all other programs, which would not work on the computer without the operating system. Programs must have the same logic as the operating system, in order to be able to communicate with each other at the software level.

The basic principle of how does a computer work does not change from the very beginning, and will probably not change significantly in the future. Areas where computers are changing are related to the speed of data processing and task processing, which is a prerequisite for solving increasingly complex mathematical operations in a very short time. Computers have fundamentally changed our various life habits, and this is certainly just the beginning of the changes and impact that computers will have on everyday life.

Here are the main parts of a computer:

  • CPU – or Central Processing Unit is considered the most important component in a computer and for good reason. It handles most operations that make it function, by processing instructions and giving signals out to other components. The CPU is the main bridge between all the computer’s major parts.
  • RAM – Random Access Memory, or RAM for short, is a computer component where data used by the operating system and software applications store data so that the CPU can process them quickly. Everything stored on RAM is lost if the computer is shut off. Depending on the applications you use, there is typically a maximum limit of RAM you will need for the computer to function properly.
  • HDD – Also known as Hard Disk Drive, it is the component where photos, apps, documents and such are kept. Although they are still being used, we have much faster types of storage devices such as solid state drives (SSD) that are also more reliable.
  • Motherboard – There is no acronym for this component but without it, there can’t be a computer. The Motherboard acts as the home for all other components, allows them to communicate with each other and gives them power in order to function. There are components that don’t require a physical connection to the Motherboard in order to work, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi but, if there is no connection or signal what so ever, the computer won’t know it’s there.
  • Video and Sound Cards – Two components which help the user interact with the computer. Although one can use a computer with a missing sound card, it’s not really possible to use it without a video card. The sound card is used mainly to play sound through a speaker. However, a video card is used to send images on the screen. Without it, it would be like looking at an empty monitor.
  • Network adapter – Even though it is not actually required to operate the computer, the Network adapter improves the user’s experience as it provides access to the internet. Modern computers with operating systems such as Windows 10 will not offer the user all of its features without an Internet connection.

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