Crash Bash game – a really weird party

On this day exactly 21 years ago, Crash Bandicoot and his team came together in a game of Crash Bash to determine who is the strongest in a series of competitive disciplines.

Crash Bash game scene
Crash Bash game

Recalling Crash Team Racing, we said that the game was inspired by the success of Mario Karta. It wasn’t the only Sony game to copy a Nintendo concept. Crash Bash, which came out for PlayStation on this day exactly 21 years ago, was inspired by the Mario Party series.

The first Crash game not developed by Naughty Dog studio was conceived as a multiplayer title in which four players competed in various mini-games. More precisely, Bash brought a playtotal of seven discipline each of which had four variations, that is level. In Crate Crush, players threw boxes at each other, in Polar Push, one player rode a bear and tried to knock down other players, and in Tank Wars, tanks fought.

Playful characters were divided into two groups: good and bad; each of which had four playful characters including Crash, Coco, Cortex, Nitrus and others. Some characters, like Koala Congo and Rilla Roo had their only playable release in Crash Bash.

Crash Bash was the last Crash game on the first PlayStation console, but not the last party game in the series.

Crash Bash was the last game of the Crash series for the first PlayStation. As it did not achieve sales at the level of previous games, the model of party games did not repeat itself until 2006 when Crash Boom Bang came to the then Nintendo DS! More recently, the possibility of Crash Bash receiving remaster treatment just like other Crash games has been briefly mentioned, but this has not materialized so far.

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