Another insider claims that the new Infamous and Sly Cooper games are in development for the PS5

Rumors of the increasingly certain new Infamous and Sly Cooper games, which have been circulating in the gaming scene for some time, have been joined by another well-known insider and leaker.

AccountNGT, an insider who has been “jumping out of the pate” lately (mostly with accurate leaks), has revealed that he has information that the PlayStation is indeed working on the return of Infamous and Sly Cooper.On that occasion, the person in question did not reveal any more specific details about the games themselves, which could concern the development team or the teams working on them. There is a good chance that Sucker Punch, due to the increasingly evident work on the sequel to Ghost of Tsushime, is not involved in the development of these games, and that Sony left it to other studios.

By the way, stories about the return of the mentioned franchises have been around for some time. We last hung out with Sly Cooper back in 2013, when Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time came out. Sanzar Games was in charge of its development, which in the meantime was bought by Facebook. On the other hand, when it comes to Infamous, the last game we could play was Infamous: First Light from 2014. After the aforementioned titles, both series ended in a state of total hibernation. But as things stand, we should see their development soon.

Are new Infamous and Sly Cooper games are in development for the PS5 (source: twitter)

Release date is expected sometimes in 2023 and we don’t have price for a new Infamous and Sly Cooper games as of this writing since it is a rumor etc.

source: twitter

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