Carmelo Anthony Los Angeles Lakers NBA player

Carmelo Anthony before season 19: The passion is still there

Carmelo Anthony will start the 19th NBA season, now as a Los Angeles Lakers player.

The 37-year-old basketball player has signed a one-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers with hopes he will win his first NBA title.

The Lakers open the regular season on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday against the Golden State Warriors.

“I am still passionate about the game of basketball, I love it. But I’m still passionate about it. The minute that I lose that passion, the minute that I am forced to wake up in the bed and say, ‘Damn, I gotta go to practice,’ that’s when it is over. That’s when I’ll be going.” says Anthony.

Carmelo Anthony Lakers (source: NBA Analysis)

Carmelo Anthony, the tenth best scorer in the history of the NBA league and the ten-time All-Star, will play for the seventh team in his NBA career.

Last season, as a reserve, he averaged 13.4 points with 40.9 percent of shots for three points as a Portland Trailblazers player.

Thus, he proved that he can be an important factor in the team that is fighting for the final, and he should have a similar role in Los Angeles.

“Not every year is the same, You come into a training camp and you’re like, ‘Damn, gotta get through it.’ But also you have those moments where, like now, where it’s like, we’re excited. I’m self-motivated, I try to get myself going. But when you’re in this type of environment with the people we have around here, it’s different, it’s a different energy, it gives you a different motivation aside from what you already have within yourself.” says Anthony.

Carmelo Anthony has not had much success in the playoffs in his career, he has a 3-13 performance in the series, and the closest title was in 2009 when he led the Denver Nuggets to the West finals.

Carmelo Anthony Stats

  • PPG 13.4
  • RPG 3.1
  • APG 1.5
  • PIE 8.8
  • HEIGHT 6’7″ (2.01m)
  • WEIGHT 238lb (108kg)
  • LAST ATTENDED Syracuse
  • AGE 37 years
  • BIRTHDATE May 29, 1984
  • DRAFT 2003 R1 Pick 3
  • EXPERIENCE 19 years
  • TEAM Los Angeles Lakers

Carmelo Anthony Net Worth

Carmelo Anthony’s net worth and salary: Carmelo Anthony is a Brooklyn-born professional basketball player who now plays for the Los Angeles Lakers he has a net worth of $160 million dollars.

Carmelo Anthony Contract with Lakers

Carmelo Anthony signed a 1 year $2,641,691 contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, including $2,641,691 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $2,641,691.

Carmelo Anthony 15 pts 3 threes Lakers vs Kings 2021 Preseason

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