Netflix’s Horizon series will be called Horizon 2074, and the team responsible for The Boys and The Expanse series is working on it.

Sony recently officially confirmed that it is working with Netflix on the Horizon TV series. But, on that occasion, unfortunately, no more specific details were revealed. However, we came to the same thanks to the well-known journalist, leaker and insider Jeff Grubb, who the Ontario Canadian Directors Association website “Dug up” a list of the team involved in the project.

The document released by Grubb contains the alleged name of the series, which should read Horizon 2074, and the same should be filmed in Toronto. It also features 27 names, including Jack Boem (The Boys, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City) and Michele Brady (The Expanse, Saw 2)With a complete list of people currently involved in the production of the series, Grubb claims that it will take place in two different time periods. Considering the fact that the action of Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West takes place a thousand years after the “fall of humanity” and the very potential name of the series, it is to be expected that one period will be set in the distant future and will deal with events from the game. the latter could be located in 2074 and present to us the events that preceded the downfall of mankind.


With all of the above, Grubb claims that the Netflix series will not bring any reboot, remake or reimagining of the story from previous Horizon games, but will take place in parallel with the action from the mentioned titles and will tell us a completely new story.

Of course, we remind you that, despite the considerable credibility of Jeff Grubb, this is still unconfirmed information, which means that we will have to wait a little longer for some more concrete official details. 

source:  dgc

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