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Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain was not too happy with a new album “Senjutsu”.

Bruce Dickinson revealed that Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain was not yet happy with the recording of the legendary metal band’s 17th studio album “Senjutsu“, the first new album in 6 years.

During a guest appearance on “The Eddie Trunk” podcast, the singer of the British band Iron Maiden spoke about the band’s latest album “Senjutsu”, the recording process, and much more.

When asked why the band recorded the album and ended up waiting with it for two years, Bruce replied:

Iron Maiden Metal Band (photo source: Rolling Stone)

“Oh yes, we started the Legacy of the Beast World Tour, and then we had a break of a few months, probably six or seven, maybe eight months before we went on the American part of the tour. And then we ended up in South America, so we were on tour from August until the end of October. During the break, we said, “Well, what are we going to do?” Adrian Smith could go fishing, Dave Murray could lie on the beach next to his house in Hawaii. … “, Said Dickinson and continued:
“And why don’t we take two or three months, to use a little energy from playing live, and then make an album. Why not? And that’s how we came to that,” he said, revealing that some band members weren’t the happiest about it.

“No one showed up and he was all grumpy, ‘Oh, I don’t know why we’re doing this, I was happy in Florida…’ And we said, ‘Well, it seemed like a good idea.’ You don’t have to be here all the time, you can go back to Florida. “

“It’s unbelievable that we did it, because if we didn’t do it then, then we went on tour, and then we came back, and then it was Christmas, and then, about three months later, it was as if the end of the world had come. The original plan was to release the album at the end of the summer – we didn’t know it was going to be a lockdown, we thought we were going to be on tour. we said – let’s release an album, “he said.

Iron Maiden Senjutsu album (Photo source: Pitchfork)

Senjutsu album tracklist:

  1. Senjutsu (Smith/Harris) 8:20
  2. Stratego (Gers/Harris) 4:59
  3. The Writing On The Wall Lyrics (Smith/Dickinson) 6:13
  4. Lost In A Lost World (Harris) 9:31
  5. Days Of Future Past (Smith/Dickinson) 4:03
  6. The Time Machine (Gers/Harris) 7:09
  7. Darkest Hour (Smith/Dickinson) 7:20
  8. Death Of The Celts (Harris) 10:20
  9. The Parchment (Harris) 12:39
  10. Hell On Earth (Harris) 11:19

IRON MAIDEN Senjutsu Album Review

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