The remaster of the original Metroid Prime is reportedly coming out this year

We have been hearing about the arrival of Metroid Prime on the Nintendo Switch for several years now, and the latest information supports the possibility that it could be released by the end of this year.

The source of unofficial information this time is the famous YouTuber Nate the Hate, which claims that the remaster of this game will be released at the end of the year to coincide with the 20th birthday of Metrooid Prime. The game came out on Gamecube on November 18, 2002, so it seems plausible and quite logical that then the game could come out for Switch.

Metroid Prime is reportedly coming out this year (source: Metrooid)

As with all rumors, we warn here that it does not mean a definitive and official decision of the publisher, because Nintendo has not yet said anything officially. Nate The Hate has had some accurate leaks and was right about some things related to this series in the past, but it is still a source of some unverified information and information that has not proven (at least for now) true.

One thing is for sure, many are looking for Metorid games on the Switch, and the success of Metroid Dread is a big incentive to release a remake / remaster of the popular Prime.

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