Bed bugs in bed, house, apartment - how to get rid of them

Bed bugs in bed, house, apartment – how to get rid of them

How to recognize bed bugs in the house

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) have recently become an increasingly common problem faced by a large number of people. These insects are found in places where humans and animals sleep because it is their source of food. Although they are everywhere indoors, they prefer mattresses, beds, curtains, carpets and easily hide in cracks. They feed during the night, and the visible signs of the bite are redness, skin irritation and allergies in sensitive people. They are not the cause of infectious diseases. However, their bite can cause irritation that can turn into sores and intense itching.

Adults bed bugs they are reddish brown, oval in shape, have wings and are about 7 mm long, when they suck blood they grow up to 9 mm. The young have the same appearance as the adults, they are almost colorless, but after sucking the blood they turn brown. Development time depends on temperature and averages about 20 days. Because they feed on blood, the feces are brown in color, while near the hiding place a certain odor is felt coming from their glands.

Bed bugs

The invasion of bed bugs in cities is explained by people traveling abroad and staying in places where they exist, after which they crawl into luggage and clothes. They can also be brought in from vacation, when buying old furniture, by moving into an apartment where they already exist. The lifespan of bed bugs is about 12 months, but it is important to know that one female can lay close to 200 eggs during her lifetime. Even when they have no food, bed bugs can live for months. In order to recognize the presence of bed bugs, in addition to traces of bites on the skin, darker spots can be observed on pillows, mattresses, bedding and furniture.

Bed bugs in bed, house, apartment – how to get rid of them (source: Pinterest

If you notice signs of bed bugs in your bed, you should take a closer look at other areas in the house. Getting rid of bed bugs is not easy, but there are several ways to prevent them from spreading in the living space. You can combine several different methods, such as disinsection, suction, steam, use of insecticides and liquid spray. Suction eliminates bed bugs and eggs found on the surfaces of mattresses, rugs and carpets.

Bed bugs and how to get rid of them quickly

What are the bed bug control options? There are a few simple ways to get rid of these insects. Before vacuuming, rub all surfaces with a stiff brush. Clean up all the clutter. If they hide in a certain place, they will very quickly move to another place. This means regularly vacuuming places where they hide, such as floors, carpets, cracks around mattresses and bed frames. Empty the contents outside the home to prevent them from reappearing. Then throw away the vacuum bag. Wash and dry clothes and bedding regularly, as high temperatures are deadly to bed bugs.

Thoroughly and carefully clean the furniture to scrape the eggs and bed bugs which are hidden. Get a mattress protector with zippers because it will trap them. Effective methods in controlling bed bugs are extreme heat or extreme cold. You can get rid of bed bugs with the help of steam that you will direct to the area where there are the most of them. Invite disinsection experts with experience in bed bug destruction. Thoroughly clean the house and mattresses beforehand.

Treating an Infestation
  1. reduce as much clutter as possible;
  2. bag clothing and linens that are not being treated;
  3. move all furniture away from the walls;
  4. do not flip any furniture, particularly mattresses; and.
  5. vacuum all floor areas and dispose of the bag immediately in an outside garbage bin.

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