How to make a natural face mask at home

How to make a natural face mask at home

Natural face mask for acne prone skin

Acne-prone skin is very sensitive and needs long-term and careful care. The most important thing for acne-prone skin is to never dig into those acne and to nurture them properly. Natural face mask for acne prone skin you can make it at home, and provide your face with proper acne care and healing and it is very easy to make.

Acne can be caused by excessive secretion of fat from the skin, bacteria and impurities that have entered the pores during the day. To make a natural acne mask at home, you only need three eggs and two bowls, in which you will separate the yolks in one of them, and separate the egg whites in the other bowl. Take a bowl of egg whites and dip kitchen towels in it. After that, spread these kitchen towels soaked in egg whites on your face in the form of a face mask.

A natural face mask with acne should stand for fifteen minutes until it dries completely. Then soak your face with the mask in warm water and gently wash off the rest of the mask. When your face is dry, clean it with a mild tonic for acne-prone skin and apply your moisturizer.

Natural face mask for oily skin

Oily skin secretes excess oil, more precisely sebum on the surface of the skin because it is too dry and not sufficiently hydrated. So, such oily skin needs some hydration, but first of all it needs proper cleansing. Natural face mask with oily skin that you can make yourself at home can help you avoid making your skin unhealthy and full of clogged pores. If clogged pores form, there is an increase in the possibility of acne, inflammation and blackheads, which would make you feel insecure.

A natural face mask that you will make at home for your oily skin will be an ideal solution, but first you need to get all the necessary groceries. You need to get lemon, bananas, and olive oil. It would be best to take a banana that is almost ripe, which you will mash in a deep plate with a fork.

After making the banana paste, add one teaspoon of lemon juice from half a lemon and olive oil. Stir until a homogeneous mixture is formed. Distribute the mask evenly over the entire face, being careful not to put it too close to the eyes as it contains lemon juice. After 15 minutes of standing, clean your face and wash with lukewarm water.

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Natural face mask for dry skin

Dry skin can cause discomfort, and dry facial skin is dehydrated, often so dehydrated that it can even lead to flaking of the skin. You can make a natural face mask for dry skin as well as for problematic skin prone to acne and oily skin at home. Dry skin needs both time and care to recover and to get the hydration it needs in the right way.

Moisturizing face mask helps dry skin to preserve its hydration and can prevent gray skin appearance. With dry skin, a big problem is that it can cause flaking and itching, so you definitely want to prevent that. Natural face mask For dry skin if you are doing it at home it can be prepared from just two ingredients, aloe vera gel and fresh cucumber. You can buy pure 100% natural aloe vera gel in pharmacies, and in any drugstore or supermarket that has a department with cosmetics.

You need to put half a fresh cucumber in the mixer, and add two tablespoons of aloe vera gel, mix everything together well. When the mixture becomes uniform, apply the mixture on the face and leave for about thirty minutes. Enjoy relaxation and thorough hydration while the mask stands on your face for about thirty minutes, and finally rinse the mask with lukewarm water.

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