Acne on the face - why they occur and how to treat them

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Why Do We Get Acne?

Acne is often an unpleasant condition of the skin that a very large number of people struggle with. According to some research, over 70% of people have acne at some point in their lives. We are familiar with acne in teenagers, but acne can also develop in a mature person, and the causes can vary. Acne treatment include a number of small steps you need to take, but there is a general consensus that regular sleep and proper nutrition is the best natural remedy against this condition. Acne treatment can also be done surgically, but such situations are more the exception than the rule. Depending on where the acne occurs, we can roughly guess the cause as well. Acne between the eyebrows indicates a much different problem than, for example, acne on the chin or jaw. Most people consider acne to be more of an aesthetic problem than a health problem, but it should be noted that acne should also be considered a health issue and find out how it originated so that we can address other problems that have led to redness of the skin.

What does acne on the chin mean, and what between the eyebrows?

“Let’s say dark circles around the eyes indicate liver problems” – we could certainly hear more about hygiene this year, even in pop culture. There is a lot of truth here – depending on what kind of dermatological problems hit us on the face, we therefore recognize what causes them. For example: acne on the forehead mainly indicates a lack of hydration, and is also a consequence of poor nutrition that is important to correct. Acne on the ear is a clear indication that you are not drinking enough water while acne treatment between the eyebrows an indication that you have liver irregularities. Acne on the chin indicates hormonal balance and occurs more often in women than in men. Acne treatment depends on where the acne is located so if you have a problem with your facial skin, you probably have a problem elsewhere as well. As we have already mentioned, the best cure for acne is a healthy diet and regular sleep. When it comes to a hormonal disorder that then leads to acne, regular sleep can do most treatments instead of any dermatologist.

How To Prevent Acne?

The best prevention of any dermatological problems on the face remains the same as the best remedy for acne treatment. Today, there is insufficient talk about the importance of a healthy diet for health, and the growing presence of fast food and a mass product of refined sugars can very easily lead to dermatological problems of the individual. In addition to diet, there are some specific tips to help you prevent acne. When washing your face, wash it only with non-greasy soap, one that does not dry out your skin. Moisturizers are also a good tool in the fight against acne. Staying in nature is very effective in achieving the beauty and health of your skin, so if you can, be in the air for at least 30 minutes a day. Also, pay attention to personal hygiene and touching the face with dirty fingers. Hygiene also means taking regular showers, especially after heavy sweating. Acne treatment is actually a set of very mundane tips that parents teach us from an early age, and the very application of these tips can take you away from dermatological problems of this kind forever.

source: clevelandclinic

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