Wrinkles on the face - a natural treatment to remove

Face massage against wrinkles

All hygiene and cosmetic procedures include an anti-wrinkle facial massage

You wash your face by splashing it because it feels good and it seems to revive every cell on the skin of your face, you stretch the skin with your fingers in the places where you seem to have noticed a wrinkle, apply the toner gently and pat your face to absorb it, let the skin relax and absorb the toner , gently apply the cream in circular motions and tap again with your fingers. All hygiene and cosmetic procedures include facial massage against wrinkles, but it is important to do it correctly and learn some tricks.

There is yoga for the face which is also facial massage against wrinkles, medical recommendations on facial massage are applied in all beauty salons, and there are also some exotic oriental facial massages (Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and so on) that have spread all over the world thanks to the Internet. You go to beauty salons when you want a complete treatment, and that’s because the beautician’s skillful hands achieve a real therapeutic effect by massaging, speed up blood flow, gently dispel all worries, and your face shines with a new glow.

Anti-wrinkle facial massage can also be performed correctly at home

Not everyone has the money or time to go to a beauty salon, but everyone can learn to be their own masseur. Yes, anti-wrinkle facial massage can be done correctly at home and even though you may feel awkward doing it at first, don’t give up, it will soon become a routine procedure. First, thoroughly clean your face of makeup, sweat and daily dust, let the massage oil be at room temperature and smell pleasant to you, warm it on your hands.

Face massage against wrinkles should not be used with pure essential oils because irritation or even allergic reactions may occur. A few drops of essential oil in a base oil, most commonly used are evening primrose oil, rosehip oil, apricot seed oil, or grape seed oil. Cover your face briefly with your oiled hands so that your palms are on your chin and your fingers on your forehead, the skin of your face will warm up and relax, and then start with massage movements, pinching and tapping on the forehead, temples, cheeks, chin, forehead and neck.

Anti-wrinkle facial massage relaxes the whole body

Whichever part of the body we stimulate, we speed up the blood flow, and the acceleration is then transferred to the rest of the body by pure reflection. Anti-wrinkle facial massage relaxes the whole body, with movements and oil scents, you clean the sinuses, smooth the forehead and wrinkles on it, with the massage you can shape the nose, correct the sagging corners of the lips, and you can reduce the lines of your smile. Shaping the beard and removing the so-called double chin is also achieved by massage, massage reduces the appearance of acne, accelerates the healing of scars from squeezing out pimples, blackheads and blackheads.

Of course, if your facial skin is neglected and full of scars, electro massage or electro stimulation in a beauty salon would be recommended for you. Face massage against wrinkles in the case of problematic skin, you may still need to visit a dermatologist first and perform some medical treatments first. There are many very different facial massage techniques, and some of them can be combined. And unconsciously, before morning and evening hygiene, applying a nourishing night or protective day cream, we make circular and tightening strokes on the face that massage.