How self-tanning cream affects the skin

How self-tanning cream affects the skin Tips

How self-tanning cream conceals imperfections on your white skin

The times when milky white skin meant a gentlemanly look are long forgotten, today the look of tan shows who is in trend and who is not. If you don’t want the rough and uneven blackness of the village girls from the last century, you want to look as if you have just left behind a sunny beach or as if you visit the solarium regularly. How self-tanning cream conceals imperfections on your white skin know the best fair-skinned people who despair over every blue vein that is outlined on his fair skin.

Why bother with that when you can get a tan effect the easy way. Aristocratic white is no longer worn and if you are not a fan of quartz and you do not like lounging in the sun, self-tanning cream is the best invention for you and an ideal help to look perfectly tanned and in trend in just 45-60 minutes. and without exposure to harmful UV rays, evenly dark all over the body, without white, yellow and red spots.

How to achieve a natural tan appearance using self-tanning cream, Tips

Oils, sprays and creams to shade your skin to the desired shade depend on the quality of the selected product, the pigments of your skin and the pigments in the selected cream. Don’t skimp on buying these products, rather buy more expensive and high-quality ones than be angry about the bad effect of a cheap cream afterwards. To achieve a natural tan appearance by using a self-tanning cream, apply the cream on clean and completely dry skin, preferably before bed.

Pay special attention to exposed body parts; face, neck, décolleté, arms, legs, self-tanning cream it must be applied slowly and evenly. Pay special attention to body folds and fingers and toes, where treacherous whites can remain. Do not wear clothes until the cream is well absorbed. Don’t be too cold in the room where you “turn black”, so you have to get dressed too quickly, but not too hot, because you will sweat and get unwanted stains. Even the smallest drop of water can create a stain, so you can take a shower only tomorrow morning.

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The only dark skin color without sun and without tanning is achieved by using a self-tanning cream

Due to UV rays, classic sunbathing is increasingly avoided, although the sun also has beneficial effects on human health. Fear of melanoma (skin cancer) is the main reason for the increase in sales of home self-tanner products. Solariums are also becoming less and less popular due to some bad experiences. The only dark skin color without sun and without tanning beds is achieved by using self-tanning cream, you just need to choose the right product and apply it properly. Do not go to bed before the rubbed cream has dried.

It may be good to start with some light product until you discover how your skin reacts and gain the skill of applying the cream evenly. Use hygienic gloves while applying the cream, make a plan and order which parts of the body you want to darken, because some parts of the body darken faster (better) (legs). You can use an ear stick, sponge or even a tampon for the corners around the eyes and the folds of the nose. When you report self-tanner cream will become an ally of your beauty and attractiveness.

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