battlefield 2042 early access

Battlefield 2042 will be able to be tested for 10 hours via subscription

Electronic Arts has confirmed that subscribers to the EA Play or Xbox Game Pass will get a chance to try Battlefield 2042 for 10 hours.

Battlefield 2042 game free online
Battlefield 2042 game

Battlefield 2042 Release Date

Battlefield 2042 will be formally launched on the November 19, 2021. But the gameplay is actually starting November 11. Then the warm-up starts for a total of ten hours, which will be available to all EA Play and Xbox Game Pass subscribers, whether they plan to purchase the game or not.

Unlike the recent beta testing, this way you will be able to try out everything the game has to offer. So, all mods and all maps will be available as in the full version of the game that will follow a week later. Players on the PC will have an advantage if they subscribe to EA Play Pro (that’s 15 euros a month) because they will be able to access the entire game from 12 November, without a time limit of 10 hours.

Battlefield 2042 otherwise got another trailer, this time for mod Battlefield Portal. After seeing the new maps to be used in All-Out Warfare modes, we can now recall some of the famous Battlefield maps in the BF Portal designed for the nostalgic.

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source: reddit

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay | New Look At Battlefield Portal

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