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LOVE ME TENDER (2019, ŠVI) – 6/10


From Switzerland comes this extremely bizarre, even surreal, absurdist combination of drama, black comedy and fantasy, filmed in Italian, which premiered at the most famous Swiss festival, Locarno. The main character of the film is a thirty-year-old woman, Seconda, who suffers from agoraphobia and does not dare to leave the apartment where she lives with her parents. Somehow, this strange girl, who it will soon become clear to us that she suffers from some serious mental illnesses, manages, but problems will arise when her mother dies suddenly, and her father decides to leave.

When she is left alone in the apartment, she will realize that when – then she has to go out if she wants to survive, but the question is how much this weirdo is trained for an independent life. It is also a film full of symbolism that tries to carry a strong feminist message, as it can also be seen as a strange metaphor for mental illnesses and situations in which people are almost trapped in their own tortured minds. Unfortunately, the film made by the Swiss-Peruvian author Klaudia Reynicke was not exactly to my taste, but it should not be written off just like that.