Rumors of a new Chrono Cross Remaster game continues

The Chrono Cross Remaster, despite many rumors, has yet to be announced. But many fans see new hope next month, February.

Rumors of a new Chrono Cross Remaster game continues (source: Square Enix)

The reason for this is the responses of composer Yasunori Mitsude, who responded to birthday greetings on Twitter and in one reply hinted that in February, if he is lucky, the project he is working on will be presented. Mistuda worked on the music of Chrono Cross, and recently accidentally posted a photo of himself and other musicians allegedly working on this remaster.

Chrono Cross Remaster price, release date?

It is becoming increasingly clear that the remaster exists, but there is no confirmation yet. Square Enix is ​​silent and keeps many in suspense. It remains to be seen whether the silence will come to an end in February.

Expected price for a new Chrono Cross Remaster video game should be $25.

source: steam

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