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SOME LIKE IT RARE / BARBAQUE (2021, FRA) Movie review, plot, trailer

Vegans or vegetarians (which is the difference, I never managed to understand, and it’s not that I tried), will be on the menu of a family of butchers from a French provincial town in black humor horror written by French comedian, actor, screenwriter and director Fabrice Eboue. He also embodied the owner of a small butcher’s shop, Vincent, who with his wife Sophie (Marina Fois) has been running a small and high-quality butcher’s shop in the town where they live for years. But as is the case in reality, large supermarkets have completely beaten the competition there as well and their butcher shop has fewer and fewer customers. Along with the job, it is as if their marriage has begun to fall apart, but everything will completely change when they accidentally kill a vegan activist.

A big advantage when dealing with the body will be that they have a butcher’s shop and all those machines and tools for processing meat, and by chance they will forget that there is human flesh left in the kebab grinder. It is not difficult to assume that human flesh will prove to be a hit and will be tricked by customers as specially bred Iranian pork that no one has on offer. But the problem will arise when they sell off the meat of the first vegan, and luckily there are obviously a lot of those vegan activists in France harassing those who still enjoy good meat. The hunting season for these guys will open in a deadpan, bizarre and rather morbid combination of black comedy and horror that does not know about political correctness.

Eboue opted for the classic farcical approach, perhaps in part because someone wouldn’t think he was serious and declared him anti-vegan. “Barbaque” or “Some Like it Rare” was one of those films that parodies social everyday life and emphasizes the stereotypes that carnivores have about vegans and vice versa, and rides on it to the extreme limits and beyond, but it is a film that does not have malice. It sometimes exceeds the limits of complete absurdity, it is often repetitive when Vincent and his lady start saving their marriage with their newly discovered hunting abilities. It is one of those films in which we have a handful of those typical horror “meaty”, bloody, insane and hilariously sick scenes that the protagonists make deadly serious, as if tranching people and cannibalism is the most normal thing.


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