The redesigned Office user experience is now active for business users and schools, here's what's new

The redesigned Office user experience is now active for business users and schools, here’s what’s new

Microsoft redesigned experience – along with the app Office for Windows 10 i Windows 11 – now available for business and school users. Microsoft announced a new experience during its Ignite conference last November, but it is not fully available until this week.

The new site tries to make it easier to find the files and content you need at any time. First, a new homepage has now been set up, which includes a “Recommended” section at the top and a new quick access section below. This new section highlights files that have recently been opened or edited, but you can also use filters to help you find specific files. For example, you can filter for shared documents, collaborators, and more. You can customize these filters so you can always find what you’re looking for.

Another thing new in the redesigned experience is the menu on the left side of the “My Content” pane. This also allows you to easily find all your files in the cloud and local storage, even including email attachments and Loop components. When you look at your list of content, you’ll see that you can now filter it by file type to make it easier to find everything you need. Also, search results are displayed on a page that scrolls indefinitely, so you don’t have to scroll through content pages to find what you want.

Finally, there is the new Create panel on the left menu. This allows you to create different types of content, be it a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation and so on. You can start with a blank board, but you’ll also see recommended templates for different types of content so you can get started with a new document faster. You can also filter templates for certain types of content such as planners, lists, and more. writes Windows blog:.

While all of this is currently only available to business and school users, Microsoft says it is working to introduce similar enhancements to the version that targets individual consumers and the Office application for Windows. The company says it will share more information “in the coming months”, so we may have to wait a while, maybe until the fall.

source: Windows blog:.

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