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In recent years, we have literally had a real infestation of biographical films about more or less famous musicians. Almost all of these films seem to be shot in the same mold, as if they were stamped on a tape in a factory, but that’s why the biography of the world’s most famous parodist, Weird Al Jankovich, is a film that parodies all those films in an entertaining way. Together with director Eric Appel, Jankovich wrote the script for a biographical film about himself, he even played the role of a publisher who tells young Al that he has no idea, and just like his music, so is this entire film. A fictional biographical parody, a silly and fun comedy in which Al (Daniel Radcliffe) is, among other things, in a passionate relationship with Madonna (Evan Rachel Wood) who, together with Pablo Escobar, will even try to kill him.

And just like all of today’s Wikipedia biopics about famous musicians begin, we have been following Al’s fictional story since childhood. From how his father kicked him out of the house because he decided to play the accordion and dreamed of parodying famous musical hits. So when he finally succeeds in that, he will decide to make original songs only for rascals like Michael Jackson to copy things from him and become famous. It’s a completely wild and silly film, and any other approach would probably prove to be a complete failure. Fortunately, Weird Al himself is lucid enough and is aware that the story of his success, fame and the fact that he has sold more than 16 million albums of songs in which he parodies other artists, is pure madness.

And “Weird: The Al Yankovich Story” is loaded with famous actors who appear in episodic or even cameo roles, and we also have numerous scenes that refer to and parody legendary films such as “Boogie Nights”, “Carrie”, “Scarface “, “The Doors” and numerous Hollywood blockbusters because by the end Al will turn into a real action hero who saves the world. It’s a film that shouldn’t be taken seriously, just like Yankovich’s music shouldn’t be taken seriously, and then this biographical parody can be relatively entertaining.