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Crime series in Scandinavia are obviously being stamped like on a treadmill, and Norwegian “Wisting” could also fit into a subgenre called nordic-noir. This series is based on the bestsellers of the Norwegian crime writer Jorn Lier Horst, and the authors of the series managed to push the plot of as many as two of his novels in the first season, while the third novel is in the third four-part season. And this proved to be quite a solid decision because “Wisting” is an extremely dynamic series of fast pace in which there is almost no idle time, and all the problems will start here when a resident of the town of Lavrik who went in search of a Christmas tree finds under the snow the human body. A local police inspector, widower William Wisting (Sven Nordin), immediately enters the scene, and his daughter Line (Thea Green Lindberg), a journalist from Oslo who came to investigate another case, will return to her hometown.

In the snow-covered Larvik, FBI investigators will soon arrive (among them an investigator embodied by the already somewhat forgotten Carrie-Ann Moss, best known as Trinity from the Matrix) because it will be shown that a serial killer from America lurked in Norway for which has been unsuccessfully searched for for twenty years. The story unfolds here quickly and several stories are solidly connected and anyone who loves Scandinavian crime fiction will definitely not miss “Wisting” either. Of course, this is not a series that brings something particularly new and it is all a variation on a theme that we have seen countless times, but in the end it was more than solid and correct.

And one would think that in that rich and civilized Scandinavia only honey and milk flow when stories about some sick killers and sadists keep coming from there, so at the beginning of the third season the serial killer will run away from the police and Inspector Wisting. Apparently someone helped him with that, and on Wisting, Lina, who has now switched to filming documentaries and apparently pulled out her father’s genes because she’s making a film about a killer, and the rest of the team is now finding out where he got away and who the mysterious other is. man. Rating 7.5 / 10.


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