Women's push-ups

Women’s push-ups, How to do them

Women’s push-ups should be an integral part of every workout!

When we hear the word push-ups or push-ups, we mostly associate it with men’s workouts. Men with push-ups develop the upper body, from the chest, arms, shoulders, but also the abdomen. What can be read much less often online is the topic of women’s push-ups. Just like men, women can incorporate push-ups into their workouts, and the benefits of this exercise for women are all sorts. Women’s push-ups they are performed by kneeling on a mat (mat or tatami), placing the hands flush with the shoulders (maybe a little wider), and then performing the movement. Contrary to many women’s beliefs, push-ups will not make you muscular and wide.

Female push-ups help develop pectoral muscles in women, which indirectly also helps with breast lift. Women who practice push-ups during their training hold themselves more upright, and their breasts are more prominent and raised. If that doesn’t convince you either, you should know that push-ups are also a good exercise for the abdomen, which also plays a role in shaping the abdominal muscles.

Female push-ups don’t make you wide and muscular.

The essence of training and human kinesiology is to improve the work of our body completely and strengthen muscles, which then prevents many diseases and injuries in later life.

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You will not swell from training – only your chest can swell if women’s push-ups are a constant part of training. You will swell up from the gym when you put yourself under a regime in which you build muscle mass, and for that it is not enough just to train, but also to eat a lot. If your aversion to training comes from these arguments, be sure that the reality is not like that. Women’s push-ups it will help you look better, more attractive and healthier. If you train, but it mostly comes down to leg and back exercises, then you are already familiar with the benefits of training and you should not question push-ups.

Women’s push-ups and how to do them?

As we have already said, you need to put yourself in the classic push-up position, but women’s push-ups are performed by keeping your knees on the mat. When you do the exercise, think about your breathing, your movement, and stay focused. Breathing is important when performing the exercise well and will allow you to do more repetitions. When you start moving, that is, when you bring the torso closer to the floor, then inhale, and when you return to the starting position, exhale. Women’s push-ups, just like other exercises, do not need to be rushed. Keep the movement under control, which means you are aware of the movement at all times.

Do not rush it and so the movement will require more energy which means you will do a better quality exercise. Do three sets of eight reps to begin with, then add more reps depending on your fitness. When doing a workout, don’t neglect your upper body. Exercises like this will be reflected in your posture, and your breasts will be more convex and emphasized.

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How to Do Push-Ups (video)