AMD Gaming PC for Beginners Test

AMD gaming computer for beginners and priced at €650 is probably one of the most sought after PC configurations on the market right now. Now that graphics cards are hard to find or simply too expensive for the average customer’s budget, the saving solution is AMD APU models with an integrated graphics core. Strong enough when it comes to processing power, but also with a graphics core that will bring the pleasure and excitement of gaming in some of the most popular games today.

Today, it is not easy to get a computer, of course a good one, which justifies the money invested in terms of value obtained compared to a not so long ago time, when you could get realistically better performance and more use value for the same money. This is mostly true of gaming computers.

Covid and the crisis of scarcity have produced today’s situation, and it is not easy for buyers or sellers. The former have to spend hard-earned money and buy some good computer made up of new components, and the latter have to assemble and offer something out of practically nothing. That is why everything is in circulation from new, through newer used, but also old components. Only a cursory glance at the ads shows how difficult the current situation is.

That is why today we are trying to show you a computer that can be realistically acquired and is a temporary beginner gaming PC for the beginning of 2022. We say the beginning because there is a glimmer of hope that this is a transitional period until the “GPU apocalypse” passes and the graphics card market becomes cheaper, and some rumors that this will happen are circulating among hardware manufacturers, but it will not happen. Even some domestic distributors have started with promotions of ready-made computers with new models of graphics cards and at a somewhat normal price – at least shyly … but these are all hints!

Design and features

Let’s move on to concrete things. A beginner gaming computer should first be relatively simple in terms of the list of components and assembling such a configuration. On the other hand it should provide some minimum performance for fluid gameplay mostly in eSPorts titles. So, graphically rich AAA games are most honestly out of range of this computer, at least from the perspective of a more serious victim of graphic details and Full HD resolution. If it is a consolation, at least he is ready for the pleasure of playing the most popular Battle Royal and MOBA titles of today.

AMD Gaming PC graphics card

And the biggest problem and challenge in making a list of one such computer is the gaming graphics card. Today, it is necessary to set aside practically the entire amount of computer value for it, which is honestly not realistic for something that falls into the category of budget configuration. Therefore, the right solution is a processor with an integrated graphics core, at least as a transitional solution, which will later be able to receive a separate graphics card when the conditions are right and deliver the same level of performance as classic CPUs.

At the moment, the only logical solution is AMD APU generation Ryzen processors. That’s why we chose the latest generation of the Ryzen 5000 Series APU based on Zen3 processor cores and VEGA graphics cores.

AMD Gaming PC processor

In the specific case of the beginner gaming model, it will certainly be the Ryzen 5 5600G six-core Zen3 with VEGA 7 “integrated graphics”. Since we have already seen this processor, today we will present the currently strongest Ryzen 7 5700G, intended for those who, in addition to eSports games, will make a step towards the first experiences in creative work, CAD CAM modeling and rendering programs, so where you need a little higher processing power. It has 8 cores and a slightly stronger VEGA 8 integrated graphics core. Currently, this is the strongest example of the AMD APU processor family. Execution of 16 threads with 4.6 GHz turbo frequency and additional acceleration of the PBO2 overclocking mechanism – will provide enough power in the mentioned games, but also applications.

To cool the processor, we chose the Zalman CNPS9X OPTIMA classic “mainstream” tower cooler with 4 heat pipes and a body that receives 12 fans. It is really a pleasure to see again the product of a company that once had great respect among fans of PC components. Basically this is a cooler at the level of Hyper 212, Freezer A35 models that keep up with the characteristics of the mentioned APU processors.

AMD Gaming PC ports

The choice of motherboard fell on the Biostar B550 GTQ model of some 130 euros, which has all the essential options for a modern computer. So you don’t need expensive X570 models to have support in terms of further upgrading devices with PCIe 4.0 specifications, and there’s also compatibility with upcoming Ryzen X3D processors. It has two places for M.2 SSD, with appropriate coolers, then USB-C 3.2 Gen2, support for fast DDR4-RAM modules, HDMI, DP and even DVI for connection to screens, PCIe x16 slot for graphics card, etc .. in a word, a well-rounded “mainstream” board, modern and reasonably priced. The only thing it really lacks is WiFi 6, but it is an option that would burden the budget and it is certainly a functionality that can be added later.

The built-in SSD is of good performance, ie. the reason for the above-average fast response and speed in the operation of this configuration. The WD SN 750 SE Black is certainly one of the most cost-effective devices in this class of PCIe x4 generation. A solution that will not disappoint you, and brings a capacity of 512 GB and performance at an average level of 3000 MB / s when reading and writing data.

We come to the extremely important part when it comes to the operation of the AMD APU processor and a specially integrated graphics core. We remind you that it does not have its own special memory in which it stores the necessary data and textures, but takes part of the system RAM, which is why it is necessary to have modules at the highest possible operating frequencies and lower delay factors. In this case, it is worth investing a few more pairs in faster memory, and even that, because today DDR4-3200 and 3600 memories are practically equal to the price. The decision this time fell on the excellent TeamGroup memory with a capacity of 2x 8GB, ie in DC configuration, at 3600MHz and with CL18-22-22 latencies in the “single rank” organization of memory chips … a good measure for this class of PC gaming configuration.

AMD Gaming PC motherboard

The components are packed in a very nice, modern and well-designed mATX tower Cooler Master MB400L with a transparent glass side, a mesh panel on top for better ventilation of the interior, and which also receives two 12-inch fans. Due to the modest power requirements for one APU processor and the average power consumption of the entire system of 120 W gaming and 140 W rendering, CM Master White power supply of 500W was chosen quite enough for this configuration and even the subsequent addition of “entry level” 1080p gaming graphics cards. For the stronger ones, along with the graphics card, you will install a stronger rectifier – according to the requirements of the card.

Here is a list of computer components. So, we come to the amount of 630-650 euros including tax, so let’s see what this configuration offers in terms of performance.

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600G ili Ryzen 7 5700G (230e/310e)
  • Cooler: Zalman CNPS9X OPTIMA (25e)
  • MB: Biostar B550 GTQ Racing (130e)
  • RAM: 16GB (2x 8GB) Team Group T-Create Expert DDR4-3600 CL18 (85e)
  • SSD: 500GB Western Digital SN 750 SE, M.2 PCIe x4 Gen4 (70e)
  • Case: Cooler Master MasterBox MB400L (50e)
  • PS: Cooler Master MWE White 500W (43e)


Test system:

AMD Gaming PC test specs
AMD Gaming PC test specs adobe app
AMD Gaming PC app performance

We start with performance in applications. And, surely many of you will ask why the Intel Core i5 12600K, the latest Alder Lake, did not enter one such configuration? When we talk about performance in applications – there are some, with a slight advantage of Intel models which, in addition to 6 classic, “performance” cores, have an additional 4 efficient, economical and they just make that small difference in favor of Intel Core processors. Don’t forget that the weaker Core i5 12400 and 12500 don’t have that kind of help, but only 6 classic, fast cores, so that difference melts more seriously.

AMD Gaming PC monitor

However, when it comes to games, the AMD APU dominates the Intel Iris Xe – UHD 770 graphics and its 32 executable units. The only game that can cope with the AMD APU model is DOTA2, while in others like Apex, Fortnite, CS GO and the like – there is no chance because it visibly “cuts” while playing and has a desperately long delay. “Lag”. Some games like COD won’t even start, and so it is with newer AAA games like Far Cry 6 and the like. Hence, Intel is a worse transition solution in terms of gaming with integrated graphics.

Gaming performance:

AMD Gaming PC Apex graph

AMD Gaming PC CSGO graph

AMD Gaming PC DOTA2 graph
AMD Gaming PC fortnite graph

Also, here we once again draw your attention to the choice of RAM memory – work hard and spend a few euros more without remorse if you come across 2R RAM modules because it will add another visible margin of performance and raise FPS practically to an average level that will take advantage of affordable gaming models at a refresh rate of 144 Hz and thus make the feeling of playing fast-paced games and action even better.

Final impressions

Let’s not go into too much, but only concretely … this was a proposal of a realistically available beginner gaming computer and a little more than that – which can be bought and afforded. Of course, variations on the theme and what you find are allowed, but in essence it is a pattern and recipe for such a configuration of the described purpose and price.


– Solid gaming performance at Low settings

– Low consumption and heating during operation

– Good upgrade options with more powerful CPU and GPU solutions

– Good performance for applications that rely on CPU power

– Affordable


– Requires additional settings and attention when choosing RAM

source: benchmark

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