Another Halo game in development?

Rumors, rumors, rumors… such burn us the most. Not rly, if we are realistic. If you believe Jez Corden who is a solid source of everything related to Xbox (Windows Central journalist and editor), the new Halo game is already in development. Halo: Infinite hasn’t cooled down yet (singleplayer is still seven days away), Jez says the new Halo game is already in development for all platforms where Xbox games are available (PC, Xbox One, Series S | X and Android) .

Another Halo game in development (source: 343 Industries)

Of course, he didn’t tell us what or what it was about, so now imagine if it’s Halo Wars 3, some kind of FPS spin-off type ODST or something else, who knows. It seems kind of logical to us that Halo Wars 3 would lean heavily on the story of Halo: Infinite. Stay alive, happy and fat for us, so we’ll see. Until then, shoot in multiplayer while waiting for the singleplayer campaign for Halo: Infinite.

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