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Apple has a new chip M1X for Mac

Apple is working on a new MacBook chip, which will be much better than all so far.

The Mac mini will get a new hardware upgrade this fall when Apple releases a new laptop and it will be the best so far.

MacRumors is transmitting information from well-informed Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, who is announcing the release of a new Mac with the M1X chip, which arrives by the end of the fall.

Apple Mac laptop

Image source: Kari Shea unsplash

The M1X chip is much better than the current M1 and much more powerful.

Apple will also redesign the Mac mini laptop and it will cost significantly more than all previous models, unfortunately.

According to Gurman, the company will keep the M1 models so that other users can afford a “powerful” laptop.

The redesign will also be done on the MacBook Pro models, which will also get the M1X chip.

The laptops will also be in multiple colors, like on the iMac, which they released earlier this year.

Source: MacRumors

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