F1: Max Verstappen won a tactical battle against Hamilton in Austin

How it transmits Sport Club, Max Verstappen achieved his eighth victory of the season in Austin, Texas in front of 140 thousand fans and increased his advantage in the general classification ahead of Louis Hamilton, who was second. Sergio Perez, another Red Bull driver, climbed the lowest step of the podium.

At the 2021 United States Grand Prix, a real tactical fight was seen between Red Bull and Mercedes, in which Red Bull had more success in the end.

Max Verstappen won a tactical battle against Hamilton in Austin
Max Verstappen in Austin, Texas (source: TSN)

Lewis Hamilton started well. He managed to overtake Max Verstappen at the start and gained an advantage of more than a second in the first lap. They were one behind the other in the first 11 laps when the Dutchman went to boxing first.

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Louis Hamilton decided to take the same step very quickly. After replacing the tires, Verstappen had about a seven-second advantage. After that, the race entered a calm phase again, during which the Briton gradually reduced the difference in relation to Verstappen. That forced the people from Red Bull to invite Verstappen for a second tire change in the 30th lap. He chose hard tires. Hamilton, on the other hand, remained on the track for another seven laps, consciously consuming tires. When he went to the second substitution, he was eight seconds behind, but it was clear that he would be faster in the end.

He reduced the difference from lap to lap and came close to nine seconds at nine laps. However, Verstappen received information from the pits that the tires were in good condition and then he stepped up the pace as well. In the next five rounds, Hamilton reduced the difference, but slightly. However, Max managed to keep the advantage and reach the triumph with a little more than a second advantage.

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max-verstappen won united states grand prix 2021
Max Verstappen won united states grand prix 2021 (source: TSN)

In the shadow of their duel, Sergio Perez kept third place all the time and finished the race on the podium without much trouble. Charles Leclerc was fourth, and Ricardo finished in fifth place.Valtteri Botas fought for the sixth position in the finish, and the places up to the top ten were filled by Sainz, Norris, Tsunoda and Vettel.

Max Verstappen has 287.5 points in the general classification, and Lewis Hamilton is second with 276.5 points. The next race is in Ciudad Mexico.


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