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FLEE (2021) animated documentary review, cast, plot

Flee is a Danish animated documentary film co-produced by Jonas Poher Rasmussen. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, where it won the jury’s award in the documentary category, while the distribution rights were bought by Neon. He was chosen to represent Denmark at the next Oscars, and will also be in the competition for the best documentary. Actors Reese Ahmed and Nikolai Koster-Waldau have been signed as executive producers.

FLEE movie review and plot

Flee follows the true story of a man named Amin Nawabi who arrived in Denmark as an unaccompanied minor and was granted asylum. Almost twenty years later, he is a successful academic who is about to marry a long-term partner. Amin begins to look back on his life and, in front of his close friend’s camera, shares for the first time his hidden past of fleeing war-torn Afghanistan in the early 1990s – as a boy he left Kabul with his family to face the hell of refugee life and failed attempts to escape. they seize Sweden.

The beginning of the film tells us that this is a true story and that certain names and places have been changed to protect certain people. As it turns out, the director is a long-time friend of the subject of the film, who does not tell his escape story often. His name is probably not authentic, but it is obvious that Amin’s story will not be easy to tell. He is now in his mid-thirties and lives an academic life in a country that allows him to express his sexual orientation, but the pressure of secrecy prevents him from enjoying that life. This film allows him to tell that story to everyone.

FLEE (2021) animated documentary cast
FLEE (2021) animated documentary (source: imdb)

From the very beginning, what we see is complicated and blurred, and our protagonist appears not as a person of flesh and blood, but as an animated character. The rest of the film, except for a few effective archive recordings, is presented in the style of animation on which the author edited audio recordings of his interviews with Amina, which is effective proved in the final frame that transitions from animation to the real world. For certain reasons, the author could not show the face of his subject, so that fact creates a mystery that surrounds this story.

The form of the film defines its intentions and purpose. Here we need to hear Amin’s story that reveals how war and various corrupt systems betrayed his basic humanity. Despite everything that comes with refugee status and the fact that all this is horrible, this is the kind of optimistic story that no one could say is not authentic. The official story that Amin fled Afghanistan, somehow found his way to Denmark and was granted asylum as a refugee is true in terms of the most basic definition of truth, provided it is not investigated.

However, the real truth of Amin’s arrival in Denmark brings potential legal consequences. The author does not present it to us from the beginning, but asks us to find the truth in Amin’s story and in concrete details that objectively do not change anything about who Amin is as a person. The film tells the story the way Amin experienced it and serves as a reminder that there are moral truths about human rights that go much deeper than the law.

FLEE (2021) animated documentary cast (source: imdb)

Animation develops real events for us, while flashbacks represent Amin’s subjective experiences of those events. The fog of memory shows us people as roughly sketched silhouettes outside of sharp lines, with bold colors and the so-called. skipped shots. I think that this style of animation is not detailed enough to truly convey Amin’s emotions, which are deeper and deeper as the story progresses – it can be heard in Amin’s voice, but the form of the film is a barrier to those intimate moments.

Flee is a Danish combination of the expressionist beauty of animation and documentary realism that presents us with a true story of man’s need to face his past and a touching portrait of lasting refugee trauma. final rating: 9/10. Release date June 17, 2021 (Denmark)

FLEE movie cast and characters

  • Daniel Karimyar as Amin (9-11 years old)
  • Fardin Mijdzadeh as Amin (15-18 years old)
  • Milad Eskandari as Saif (8 years old)
  • Belal Faiz as Saif (13-19 years old)
  • Elaha Faiz as Fahima (13-18 years old)
  • Zahra Mehrwarz as Fahima (28 years old)
  • Sadia Faiz as Sabia (16-26 years old)
  • Georg Jagunov as Human Trafficker
  • Navid Nazir, as Boy in truck
  • Hafiz Højmark as Son of old lady

source: IMDB

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