Healthy tuna or chicken salad

Healthy tuna or chicken salad what to eat

Healthy tuna or chicken salad

A healthy salad is one of the most desirable meals today. Namely, with the increase in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and exercise, people are increasingly striving for healthy salads. A healthy salad can be prepared in several ways using a wide variety of foods, from vegetables, meat, fish to fruit. Also, at the same time, the promotion of fish consumption as a substitute for meat and meat products is growing. The queen of fish is certainly tuna, primarily because of the nutritional value of its meat. Tuna meat has a high protein content and a relatively low-fat content, most of which are healthy fats that are essential for human health.

Tuna can be prepared in countless ways, and one of the most popular ways refers to the combination of vegetables and tuna in the form of a salad. Tuna salad has tuna meat as its main food, and it is up to the individual to add the vegetables he wants and likes. You are advised to use seasonal vegetables as such vegetables are the healthiest and cheapest.

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Healthy tuna or chicken salad, emphasis on chicken

As mentioned, a healthy salad can be made from a large number of foods. One of the most used foods in the kitchen, in general, is chicken. Chicken owes its popularity to its nutritional value and high efficiency. Namely, each part of the chicken can be used as food. Likewise, chicken meat is high in protein, while on the other hand, it has very little fat. In general, chicken breasts are mostly used for chicken, when a healthy salad containing chicken meat is prepared.

Due to its neutral taste, chicken can be combined with a large number of foods, which include vegetables and fruits. Combine chicken and vegetables with a variety of sauces, whose recipes you can find online or in the cookbooks you have at home. The advice was given to you for tuna salads also applies to chicken salads, and this advice applies to the consumption of seasonal vegetables and fruits. You can also add certain seeds or nuts to your salad to add healthy sources of fat to that salad.

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Healthy tuna or chicken salad
Tuna salad (source Pinterest)

A healthy tuna or chicken salad a recipe

This chapter will show you a recipe for a healthy tuna salad. To make this salad, you will need tuna, which you can buy in a can of brine, olive oil, onions, corn, carrots, pasta, cream or yogurt, and certain spices. This healthy salad will give your body all the necessary macronutrients, from carbohydrates, protein to healthy fats. To start in the pan, you need to fry the onion in olive oil, and after the onion is cooked, add the drained canned tuna. Simmer it all together for a few minutes and then remove it from the heat. Meanwhile, chop the carrots into small cubes that you can leave raw or you can sauté them together with the onion and tuna. Cook the pasta in a separate bowl.

Finally, mix it all in a bowl and add the canned corn and cream to tie it all together. Season to taste. If you have time to make the salad leave it in the fridge for a short time to make it even better. Making a healthy salad will provide you with refreshments during the hot summer days. But keep in mind that you can add any vegetables you like. We have to mention that this salad is excellent for weight loss.

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