How energy efficient are Tesla, Volkswagen ID.3 or Nevera?

The British portal Electrifying deals with testing electric cars, so they had the need to create their own measure of their energy efficiency, such as that of household appliances. We bring the first results

Launched last year, the British portal Electrifying specializes in electric vehicles. Its authors find themselves in a situation where they want to compare cars in terms of energy efficiency, roughly as we are used to comparing classic fossil fuel cars in terms of fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. But the situation in the case of electricity is a bit more complicated than the pure expression of WLTP range or consumption expressed in W / km, so they have devised a new measure on this portal: E-Rating.

The British portal Electrifying deals with testing electric cars
The British portal Electrifying deals with testing EV (source: Electrifying)

It takes into account several parameters in order to eventually throw out the label, in the range from A ++ to E, like the ones we see when we buy household appliances. The efficiency of converting electricity into kilometers traveled is taken into account, as well as data on charging speed and possible additions to reduce consumption, the existence of regenerative braking or smart air conditioning management. In addition to these “fixed” inputs, the calculation also includes some subjective impression based on driving experiences, which are inserted by experts from this portal at their own discretion.The ultimate goal of E-Rating is to use one indicator to describe the efficiency, ie the economy of an individual electric car, which will save its owner the money spent on energy and time spent on charging. The first list of Electrifying included 50 models of electric cars and vans. At the very top in terms of efficiency, with an A ++ rating, Tesla’s Model 3 and BMW i4 were rated.

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Tesla’s Model Y, for example, received the designation A +, and the models S and X the designation A. The popular Volkswagen ID.3 is in the A + class, the Nissan Leaf has the designation B, and the sports car Porsche Taycan C. Interestingly, Rimac Nevera also entered the review. , which also earned accommodation in energy class C. The full list is provided below.

EV E-Rating table

Tesla Model 3 A ++
BMW i4 A ++
Hyundai Ioniq A +
Citroen e-C4 A +
Fiat 500e A +
Hyundai Kona Electric A +
Mercedes EQS A +
Kia EV6 A +
Peugeot e208 A +
SEAT Mii A +
Tesla Model Y A +
Vauxhall Corsa A +
Citroen Ami A +
Volkswagen ID.3 A +
Renault Twizy A +
Hyundai IONIQ5 A +
Audi Q4 e-tron A
DS3 Crossback A
Ford Mustang Mach e A
Kia e-Niro A
Kia Soul A
Peugeot e2008 A
Renault Zoe A
Skoda Enyaq A
Smart ForTwo EQ A
Tesla Model S A
Tesla Model X A
Vauxhall Mokka A
Volkswagen ID.4 A
Audi e-tron GT B
BMW i3 B
Mercedes EQA B
Nissan Leaf B
Polestar 2 B
Volvo XC40 Recharge B
Honda e C
Jaguar i-Pace C
Lexus UX300e C
Mazda MX-30 C
Porsche Taycan C
Rimac Nevera C
Citroen e-Spacetourer C
Vauxhall Vivaro-e C
Audi e-tron D
Mercedes EQC D
Mercedes EQV E
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