How to Check if You’ve Been Hacked

Have I Been Pwned website has added almost half a million accounts stolen by RedLine malware to its database.

The service for checking notifications about hacking and hacking into user services/accounts, now allows you to check whether your email is one of the 441,000 accounts stolen during the campaign with RedLine malware.

RedLine is currently the most widespread malware for theft of information and is distributed through phishing campaigns with malicious documents, through YouTube scams, and through sites with warez/crack files.

Once installed, RedLine malware attempts to steal cookies, credentials, credit cards, and information that is automatically populated in Internet browsers.

Also, the malicious program steals data from VPN and FTP clients, wallets with cryptocurrencies, and can download software and execute commands on infected computers.

RedLine data, which contains 441,557 unique email addresses, was allegedly stolen by LastPass users. They have now been added to the Have I Been Pwned database, so users know if they are at risk.

Unfortunately, if a user’s email address is listed in RedLine malware logs, it is not enough to just change the password for the linked account.

Users will need to change all passwords stored on their devices, including corporate VPNs and email accounts, and other personal accounts.

Finally, if a user’s email is listed as part of the RedLine database, they need to scan their computer with antivirus software to find and remove the installed malware.

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