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HUESERA: THE BONE WOMAN (2022, MEX) – 6.5/10


Motherhood is still a common theme in horror movies, and it is the focus of this Mexican combination of horror and psychological drama. Valeria (Natalia Solian) and her husband Raul (Alfonso Dosan) have apparently been trying to conceive a child for a long time. We see in the opening scene how Valeria is ready to crawl up the stairs on her knees to some kind of shrine, hoping for a miracle, and when that happens and Valeria becomes pregnant, things will not develop exactly as she imagined. She will begin to be haunted by creepy nightmares, terrible apparitions and dark thoughts, her incredible desire for a child will turn into anxiety and a subconscious fear that she will not be a good mother. Or maybe it’s something else?

It will turn out that Valeria seems to be inhabited by some dark property, some demonic creature that she cannot tell anyone about, and “Huesera” leads us in the end to the world of Mexican black magic. But even before that, debutant Michelle Garza Cervera’s feature film, which won the award for best first film at the Tribeca festival, builds a dark and disturbing psychological drama about a woman who feels that something is wrong with her. “Huesera” could be placed in the subgenre of horror in which pregnancy coincides with body horror, and we also have elements of haunted house movies, since Valeria seems to be constantly being followed by some kind of demon or ghost whose bones are crunching.