Klonoa game is coming back

After the news from September last year, in which we wrote about the registration of the Klonoa name, new indications of the return of the Klonoa and the new registration of the name emerged.

The forgotten Klonoa could return soon, at least if we believe Bandai Namco, who re-registered the trademark, under the name Klonoa Encore back in September. Encore suggests that this is a collection of previous sequels, probably as a remake, or perhaps a remaster. This happened in the Japanese market, and now we have news that Bandai Namco has done the same for the American and Canadian markets.

Klonoa game is coming back
Klonoa game is coming back (source: Bandai Namco)

After Klonoa Encore and Wahoo Encore in Japan, the name Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series was registered in these markets. What all this means is not clear, but the most logical thing is that the return of Klono is being prepared.

Admittedly, the new Klonoa game has not been confirmed yet, as well as the platforms, but we will certainly have to “keep an eye on” further news about this.

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