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MODELAR (2020, CZE) Movie review, plot, trailer, rating



This combination of thriller, crime and drama could also be called a Czech attempt at variation on the theme of the cult Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver”. And the main protagonist of the film by the experienced film and television director Petar Zelenka is a bit travisbickle-like, a guy who is completely mentally deviant and a guy with a dangerous mission. But unlike Mr. Bickle, who was miraculously revived by Robert De Niro, the Czech Bickle, a 30-year-old drone expert named Pavel, is actually a complete jerk. We meet him in the introductory scene while he is surviving a terrorist attack in Israel. He then returns to Prague, settling with his older sister, who is not very enthusiastic about his return.

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He will soon be contacted by a colleague from Plech High School, who is now involved in video production and video recording, and Pavel is a master of drone driving (the English translation of the film is “Droneman”). We will soon realize that this chemist by profession has returned home with a very bizarre plan. He decided to gather evidence to bring to justice the US government led by George W. Bush, which he considers responsible for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and war crimes and torture of people in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Of course, his idea will surprise everyone to whom he presents it, but Pavel will not stop there.


An additional similarity with Bickle and “Taxi Driver” is that a political campaign is currently underway, and Pavel will try to get closer to the opposition candidate for president, whom he believes could bring about change. There is also a young lady from the candidate’s staff, a bit on the trail of the character Cybil Shepard in “Taxi Driver”, but it is clear to us from the beginning that Pavel is showing interest in her solely to get closer to the candidate. It is all the more unclear why this young lady shows interest in a weirdo who initially acts like a complete weirdo (who will understand women!), And as time goes on, Paul will increasingly lose touch with reality. Although it seemed to me that Zelenka conceived this story after some real event, as far as I could tell, it was all just fiction, and in the end “Modeler” was just a mediocre attempt to copy the cult film. Rating 6.5 / 10,

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