Motorola is launching a new project that will change the way we use phones

Motorola is launching a new project that will change the way we use phones

Motorola is dedicated to bringing the latest and greatest technologies to its customers, while providing the outstanding value that comes with each of its products.

To continue its mission, Motorola has introduced 312 Labs, a new innovation group made up of research, design and engineering experts with the goal of developing revolutionary technologies.

This group will be dedicated to the unknown through research, ideas and prototypes to provide users with radically different technologies and solutions in the near and distant future.

The introduction of the Motorola 312 Labs R&D Group at Motorola, a Lenovo-owned company, further deepens Lenovo’s mission to double its research capacity.

Motorola is launching a new project that will change the way we use phones
Motorola new technology (source: Pinterest)

Development and creation of exceptional products

Motorola’s business is growing rapidly, and the company has the most successful quarter ever. All the successes are the result of a strong portfolio of products such as the Motorola razr, Motorola edge and Motorola g family of devices, but also services that include ThinkShield for mobile and Ready For.

Motorola has already unveiled outstanding innovations such as crack-resistant screens, moto mods and flexible screen phones (razr), and 312 Labs will continue to work at an accelerated pace on new innovative products and their availability to customers.

Motorola labs (source: Pinterest)

Looking to the future, 312 Labs focuses on several key areas that include connected ecosystems of the future, metaverse evolution, exploration of new and unique mobile forms and wearable devices, as well as further advances in display and AR & VR technologies.

“The Motorola 312 Labs is uniquely positioned for its mission to explore the unknown, but with a team that has the experience and expertise to turn a conceptual idea into reality. One of the most important things is our ability to understand the needs of users, because, what is the point of a discovery if it means nothing to people? This is a key area of ​​our focus as we work on the future of mobile technology, ”said Dan Dery, Motorola’s vice president of product.

A global team with roots in Chicago

The number “312” in the name was used because it represents one of the most famous telephone numbers in Chicago. The roots of Motorola’s innovation are deeply rooted in Chicago, which provided support for legendary devices, from the first portable phone to the first flexible screen.

The team is headquartered in the legendary Merchandise Mart in Chicago, where the teams work in 30 individual laboratories, and the group also has members in Brazil, China and India.

Working with values ​​deeply ingrained in Lenovo Product Diversity Office, the Motorola 312 Lab will continue to build a global team of professionals of all ages, genders, abilities and races.

The Motorola 312 Labs is an important step for Motorola’s mission to change the way we feel about mobile technology, the way it looks and works.

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