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MY OLD SCHOOL (2022, GBR) – 8.5/10

A completely incredible combination of documentary, feature and animated film was shot by the not too well-known Scottish filmmaker Jono McLeod, and “My Old School” takes us to Glasgow in 1995. In Bearsden High School, which McLeod also attended and who, for the purposes of his documentary, gathered practically the entire team from the class in which a new student arrived one year. Brandon Lee, they recall, looked downright weird from the start. He seemed much older than the other 16-year-olds in his class and when he first entered the class they thought he was a substitute teacher. But it turned out that he had just arrived in Scotland from Canada, where he lived with his opera singer mother, and after she died, he moved to live with his grandmother in Glasgow.

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So even though he looked strange to them from the start, very quickly this unusual guy fit in the class and became friends with everyone, until they realized that Brandon Lee is actually a 32-year-old man who already attended the same school fifteen years ago. “My Old School” was one of the most bizarre documentaries of recent years, a completely bizarre, crazy and absurd story that was a great commodity for the British media in the mid-nineties, but of course all that was forgotten in the meantime. Although this intruder and cheater did not want his former classmate on camera, so he was portrayed by the famous Scottish actor Alan Cumming, Lee told his story himself.

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His voice is synchronized with Cumming’s so that “My Old School” seems innovative and original in that respect as well. We will see how that experience affected former students, and today people in their forties, but also what was actually the intention of the guy who, to make the situation crazier, shared his real name with a colleague from a new class. This film continues a series of documentaries about similar cheaters, starting with the more sinister “Imposter” or the hilarious Brazilian “Kaiser” about a professional soccer player who never played a single game in his life, and by the end we will understand what Brandon Lee really wanted to achieve by reliving his school days. days.

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